Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life so far

 So I just want everyone to know that I am back home in St.louis from Chicago.  I have been back for at last two weeks now.  I have had some major difficulties w/ internet connection here at my home.  That was due to my dad switching to a different internet service and new modum.  I don't why he did that b/c this connection sucks more than it did before.  I can live  w/ out my cell phone for a while but no internet is like death for me lol.  Luckily its working...for now.

To start off I am going to be taking summer classes while I'm home to knock a few credits out the way.  I had my first day of classes today.  I had one class in the morning and one in the evening.  I have two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they are American History II and Introduction to Sociology.  Both classes so far seem ok but they are reading intensive.  To be honest I'd rather do a lot of reading than writing a bunch of research papers.  I'm going to try and get A's or B's in both classes, I want my GPA to go up.  I know for a fact when I get back to Chicago for the fall semester I gotta be a beast at everything b/c of my poor doing during the spring semester.  I really hate myself for doing bad b/c it doesn't look good on me and I know I can do better! No more playing around!  I'm gonna have fun but I'm also gonna get shit done! Wish me luck! >w<

Lately dealing w/ school, money, work, internet connection, and family problems I have had little time to work on my personal gal style.  I haven't been feeling that "gal feeling" and it upsets the crap out of me b/c it's what I want.  I want my look to be distinctively me yet gal.  I'm still working on collecting certain pieces for my wardrobe and there's so much that I want but I need to categorize most of it.  Either I start w/ accessories, clothes, shoes, or make up I need to decide.  I feel like if I try to obtain all of these at the same time my brain starts to scramble.  Maybe I will try and obtain some of these things by getting them in pairs.....I need to make a list >w< For those who don't know the look I'm trying to go for is a mix of mode gal and rock kei.  I really like the sophistication and beauty of mode but I also love the ruggedness and edge of the rock look.  Before gal even came into my life I've always had a little rock or punk influence in my clothing but I left that for something more feminine.  But the more I go on in this fashion I wish to incorporate the rock/dark look into the mode gal style.  I've seen some pics of models kind of doing it but I feel it's not really done.  

I have a collection of gal style pics I like and non gal style inspo:

(non gal inspo)

(my gal inspo)

I know for a fact though I will be getting a new eyeshadow palette!  The one I really want to get is from this brand called Sedona Lace.  The palette I want from them is a 168 color palette and it is gorgeous! A must have! Here's the websitehttp://www.sedonalace.com/

Also this summer I know I have stated it before but I'm taking this whole weight loss issue very seriously now.  I'm tired of wishing and hoping to be fit and I'm gonna make that into a reality for myself.  Along with the self improvement I'm going to be adding something to my body as well.  A belly button piercing!  I've wanted one for so long and now I feel it's time! >8D lol  I plan on getting it sometime in July after my summer classes end.  I can't to go jewelry shopping for it! *0* I'm gonna hit up body art forms website to hard >83



  1. lol~! go nami go!!!!! WERK MAMA! >=D

  2. Good luck, Nami. School is so important and I'm glad you're going to dedicate yourself, this Summer. In 2007 when I was in and out of the hospital with heart complications I failed completely out of school. It took me years to fix that year of errors, but now I'm making As (and I was never an all-A student, before!) I just -care- more and that's really all it takes.

    You can do it, girl.

    I'll be wishing you luck!

    As for that "gal feeling." It's hard. I think it's hard to spend time on style when other things are getting in the way. I definitely hope those obstacles start to smooth out for you, as well.

    Like Ari said: GO NAMI GO!

  3. @tomo: thanks love! >8D <3

    @eggvip: thanks for the support! it means a lot! ^.^