Friday, February 24, 2012

Sparkly tassels on my boobs!

This is totally unrelated to anything gal but I'm so excited about this that I most post it!

So for a while now I have been thinking of getting into different types of dance dance styles such as belly dancing and Burlesque! I have been looking for classes and groups for the St.louis and Chicago area's. I found a few but alas lack of money is preventing me from taking any kind of extra class. One day though I will be in them.

Today was an extra special day b/c I found out that my college is starting up a Burlesque organization! I literally flipped shit! My excitement is over 9000!!!! I know, I know this isn't a class type thing but anything regarding it where I can learn more about it I'm all down for!!

(Quick terms: 

Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects.

Neo-Burlesque (or "New Burlesque") is the revival and updating of the traditional burlesque performance. Though based on the traditional Burlesque art, the new form encompasses a wider range of performance styles; Neo-burlesque acts can be anything from classic striptease to modern dance to theatrical mini-dramas to comedic mayhem. As with the earlier burlesque, neo-burlesque is more focused on the "tease" in "striptease" than the "strip". Audiences for neo-burlesque shows tend to be mixed gender, age, race, and class.
-definitions from wikipedia-)

Here's the flyer that I saw! ^0^

Lisha was the one who showed me this flyer. We both said "HELL YEAH I'M JOINING!" lol lol Tomo that means you are joining too! lol

I have been on a Burlesque kick lately too! Watching vids on youtube and finding pictures. I even found some pics of women of color in Burlesque as well. You don't see too many pics of black, hispanic and asian burlesque dancers! Especially from back in the day!

Diana Lombardi (thick and hot)

Ethelyn Butler 1955 (those hips! GOOD GOD!!! *0*)

Madeline "Sahji" Jackson

and lets not forget the lovely Josephine Baker! <3

Some videos that I was watching:

Immodesty Blaize - Burlesque Undressed EPK

Just watching this gets me all pumped up! Looking at all that glamour and sex appeal! OOOOOOHHHH!!! My body is ready!!!

Immodesty Blaize Presents - Burlesque Undressed (Documentary Motion Picture)

I really really want to see this documentary! I've tried looking for it online and couldn't find anything! I even tried to download it w/ torrents and still couldn't find anything! ToT Looks like I will have to actually buy buy it from Amazon or something. Oh poo! I will keep looking before I buy it though.


Michelle LAmour

Dita Von Teese

Dirty Martini (thick-a-licious!!! wooooo!!)

Queen of Burlesque Perle Noire the Black Pearl - The 1st Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

This performance right here was on point and perfect! It looked so fun and flirty! Ah I love everything about it!!! ^0^ <3  WERK BITCH!! TWERK THEM TITTIES!!!  ERSGBHNJM<MJHEWRTYUJGRFRDTSEJYFKU^TFKUTDHREWRESIS!!!!!!! ^0^

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy very belated Valentine's Day! xD

I know some of you are over this holiday and wanna move on but I thought I would make this post anyway. I planned on doing it right after Valentine's day but I got lazy...and then I got sick so I didn't even feel like making any type of post. 

It's been two yrs a month and some days that me and bf have together! woot woot! We actually celebrated our anniversary on Valentine's day too b/c we were apart when we were supposed to have it.

For my gift's this yr to my bf was you know the usual card and chocolates but I decided to cook something for him so I made cupcakes w/ the help of my gal pal Lisha! Granted I could of done them by myself but since she was there she wanted t help out too. This was Lisha's first time making cupcakes. She was too excited lol.

I didn't have my contacts in nor did I feel like putting them on lol

What I wore...ignore messy room >w<

Lisha turned into cooking mama! lol

For our date we went to the theatre and the movie Chronicle. It was good but it's kind of bitter sweet. I won't tell you what happened so I suggest you go and see it! >83 After the movies we went to this huge arcade (I forgot the name of it) but it reminded of the arcades in Japan but just Americanized. Then we ate this really cool restaurant called Sushi Station where the food is all on a conveyer belt and you can pick off of it the food you like. 

pics of the arcade. there was so much more but my silly self didn't take pics til we left T.T and yes there was a second floor w/ much more awesomeness!

Really good food. I wanna go back soooooo bad!

Later that night we just headed back to his place and know...."alone time" lol lol >8D no babies were made so everything is ok lol lol lol I wish I had taken more pics like I had last year. I guess I was just too excited.
Ooh ooh! I also forgot to mention that we went to a Japanese supermarket called Mitsuwa (I love that place) and I got two new gal mags and some new lashes! 

the little JSG make up bag came w/ the EGG mag.

Over all I had a really nice time out w/ my sweetie and can't wait for more dates! Fuck waiting for valentine's day to do something special!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm a Bad Kid! Ready for the Born This Way Ball!?

So two days ago (I think lol) Gaga tweeted her official Born This Way Ball poster! She has yet to post dates up for the North American tour! @0@ I'm going crazy over here waiting for theses dates!!!

This is the official poster. As excited as I am I think this poster could of been better....shit I could of did a better job but whatevs I'm goin anyway lol lol

Not only did she post the poster but she also posted a pic of the Born This Way set!

It's been called the "Monster Pit". I'm so excited! It's gonna be a homosexual blood bath in that pit! >8D There's gonna be glitter, sweat and eyes being poked out by studs and spikes! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'M REEEAAAADDDYYYY!!!

Man I'm so hyped I even drew out my outfit for what I would wear to the concert!

Basically I was goin for the 80's groupie chick look but themed from Gaga's songs "Heavy Metal Lover" & "Judas"
I just wanna be sexy, slutty and fabulous that night! LOL LOL LOL

I just can't wait to see her live for the first time and feel her goddess like aura around me and in me!!!