Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Falling through :(

I was super excited for the gay pride fest but unfortunately things didn't turn out how I would of liked it. It all started when I went to my friend Rora's house to see if she and my bestie wanted to go. But my bestie (Lori) had to work so she couldn't go. Rora decided she didn't want to go because she wasn't feeling up to it (a.k.a laazzy!). So knowing those two couldn't go I was questioning if I still wanted to go. Usually I don't like going to big gatherings alone. But I knew that i was supposed to be meeting some there so I got the courage to just go alone. As I got there I realized I didn't have those people's number who I was supposed to meet!  Though they did have mine and yet they never contacted me. :(  So I just walked around a bit to see if I would run into anyone I knew. I didn't see anyone familiar and I looked like a lost puppy. So instead of having a good time and laughing like everyone else I was pissed and sad as fuck so I left. After I posted about my bad experience on facebook a whole lot f people said "I was there! You should of met up w/ me!" or "You should of called me! I would of went w/ you!" This pissed me off even more because I posted about going to this a week before and not one of them told me they were going or wanted to go! How the hell was I supposed to know you were free? And how the fuck am I supposed to find you in a crowd of 3,000+ w/ out your number!? >8O gggrrrrrr!!! 

I cooled down a bit and just told myself to be ready for next yr w/ a definite plan. Though out of all of this the only thing that made me somewhat happy was having some gay men come up to me and tell me they thought I was pretty or they liked my eyes. :) What lovely people.

These pics were originally for International Gyaru Day but I was late on it so I'm posting them now.


  1. hot outfit!!!! you have great legs.

  2. Thank you! I think it's funny you mentioned my legs b/c I was just looking at them thinking how much I need to work out XD.

  3. Aaaw nami chan im sorry ur pride was bad ;~;
    i didnt go to mine either ._.
    had fucking WORK!!!! BUT i went to see green lantern finally *0*

  4. Gorgeous outfit and makeup darling!

  5. I went to Pride fest in St. Louis and it was pretty fun, good performers, lots of people, and tried a deep fried Twinkie. (Though I don't like Twinkies to begin with I didn't really like it (^^")) I hope next year you get to have a lot of fun! :)

    Oh! I love your outfit! And your make up is so cute!

    I just added you today while going through a whole bunch of new blogs, and noticed you were from St. Louis, and now reside in Chicago. Small world. XD I live around St. Louis and my boyfriend Lives in Chicago 3/4 of the year!

    Will be following your posts in the future! (^^)