Saturday, October 30, 2010

What really happened...

So I never went to that Coming Out Ball I said I was going to. Instead I went out w/  Tomo and Lisha and we went to Krystal's house.  We had gotten all dressed up too as if we were going to the Coming Out Ball lol I had a blast at Krystal's place too. I had never been there beofore. It was very cute and quaint. We even watched some hentai over there lol I also got to meet Krytal's bf Jordan. He looks sweet and nice. I think she has herself a good man. Oh oh and Lisha even did some manba/banba make on me! And Lisha went w/ a more old school look. I took piccies of our make up adventure. I'm the one w/ pink btw.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going to a "coming out" ball tonight!

So my roomate informs me of some party happening tonight called the "Coming Out Ball". It's basically a party w/ gays, bisexuals, trans, and drag queens. No, I'm not gay or any of those things but I love hanging w/ that crowd! Especially id drag queens are going to be there! >8D I'm gonna have Lisha do some manba make on my face! ^0^ Though before the fun can begin I have one class today from 5 to 6 pm. I just gotta get that shit over w/ and then I can partay! ^0^

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lisha's gift opening

l o l ^0^

Halloween news!

I am goin back home for Halloween to hang w/ the family and friends this friday! Can't wait! The sad part is...I have no clue what I'm gonna do for a costume! ToT I think I might find a cute maid costume and throw on cute cat ears and call it a night lol. HHHMMMM.....and it's already late in the game so hopefully I'll be able to find something decent. Or I could always just DIY that shit! lol >8D But when I figure it out I'll let you now.

Liah's 21st b-day! (just now posting lol)

I had a blast and I can't wait to get drunk again w/ the gals! lol To be honest I can't really type out everything that happened b/c it's way too much to write and some of it I don't even remember lol. Sooo I'm gonna post some pics instead which I hope explain better than what I can in words. ^.^

Lisha's nails!

Lisha's nails again)

Tomo and Lisha (thiwas before the party started)

Me and Lisha!

Lisha and Kiara!

The cupcakes were made by Krystal and that blue bag is the present full of goodies me and Tomo made for Lisha.

me and Lisha

Krystal and Lisha doin some para!

Me and tomo!

Here are some pics from krystal's cam! these pics were also posted on tomo's blog.


more shots ><''

lisha's birthday shot! >:]


more shots! ><'


sucking vodka dick XD

Friday, October 22, 2010

My outfit for Lisha's b-day today!




I can't wait for this party to start! JELLO SHOTS HERE I COME!! >8D hehehehehe!
When the party actually happens I'll have more to blog about. I just wanted to show you all my outfit for the day! ^.^

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Learning Mune Mune Kyun dance!

Me and Lisha are learning this dance just for fun! I've always wanted to do this dance especially w/ a friend! I would love to have a maid's costume for it but sadly me or Lisha don't have one. So instead we are gonna go for the school girl look! ^.^ And yes we will be recording it! Can't wait sounds great! ^.^

Makin Jello shots for Lisha's b-day!





To be honest I've never had Jello shots before so I cannot wait to eat theeemm! But we can't have them til' tomorrow on Lisha's b-day. I plan on taking a bunch of pics on that day...if I'm sober enough lol.

Weight issues

I know most would make a welcome or introduction post but I haaavvvee to post this. I just need to get this out now or I will forget.

Maybe around February I started loosing weight. It started coming off really quick. Though the problem w/ that is I did that kind of in an unhealthy way. I mean I wasn't starving myself but I cut out ALOT of shit and the portions. So I had started at 138 and got down to 135 then on to 130. In August I was 128! I was fuckin happy as shit lol lol Right now I am at my highest! I am 140. I feel like jumping off a bridge. I'm gonna do this weightloss thing the right way and I'm gonna stick w/ it! HARDCORE BABY!! Flat abs and toned legs here I come! >8D


dddddaaaaammmmmnnnn!!! >8D