Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament!

 It happened last night and bf invited me to go b/c he was going to dj for the first time! So of course I was go there to support my boo! While the tournament was going there was a dance floor on the other side of the room. Also I am a fan of gaming so I did watch a few rounds. If anything the whole event made me want to start playing more games! Tomo even signed up for the tournament...even though she never played the game before lol but I supported her anyway.

 There were a few people in cosplay there too! I saw a Kadaj from Final Fantasy Advent Children, a Wesker from Resident Evil (he was awesome!), and a Chun li from Street Fighter! The girl who was dressed as Chun li came over to me and asked me if I wanted to sign up for this girl gamer group called Sugar Gamers. I told her I wasn't that good and she said thats ok b/c they don't always do competitive things. My room mate Tomo on the other hand signed up but she plays hell of a lot more games than I do! I'm still considering it though. To be honest I just might lol. I also got to meet alot of new people and old friends there.

 But back to why I was really there....To support the bf and his dj playing. He spun some really good music! SKRILLEX!!! The b-boys even came out and did their thing. He had his friend w/ him behind the dj booth too...he kinda acted like a "hype man" for him lol he was too into the music! There a few mistakes my bf made but thats ok b/c this was his first time out in front of crowd. And this was like practice for him. Better there than a huge ass venue.

I didn't take any pics b/c I haz no camera. So I'm just going steal Tomo's pics from her blog cause she took some on her phone.

Suger Gamers logo

love my pink hair!

me and Tomo! <3

bf <3

TOMO AND FUCKIN WESKER!!! XD (she put the smiley face there, not me lol)

Valentine's Day Part 2 (finally! lol)

Yeah so I officially suck at blogging when it comes to major events b/c I'm so lazy on posting all the pics and shit. But now that I'm here I might as well share w/ you all part 2. 

I mentioned before that my bf took me to the Chicago auto show as part of our date. I've never been to a show like this so I was excited. I was even more excited when we got there. Everything was so shiny and cool! lol I wanted s many of those cars but I know I would have save up like hell to even get one T.T Other than me having a great time w/ my bf I dunno what else to say so I'm just gonna post some of the pics we took.

me and Blake <3

me eating a churro for the first time!

gorgeous car <3

they had some cool music playing by this section

oh you fancy huh? <3

this car was off the chain!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! *0*


I would love this pic even more if my fat rolls weren't showing XD

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day Part 1

I had one class to go to that day and the whole time I was there I couldn't stop thinking about going out w/ my boyfriend. I was too excited! He planned on taking me to an auto car show and a Japanese restaurant. I've never been to a car show before so I was super excited and he knows how much I love Japanese food! >8D When class finally got out I met up w/ my bf at my dorm and there he was w/ a big red bag and roses! I seriously was about to start crying b/c I've NEVER been given roses! Especially on Valentine's Day by a boy! lol For those who don't know this is my first time being taken out on a date on Valentine's Day! We were together last year but he was in Chicago and I was in St.louis so we spent Valentine's Day on webcam T.T But this yr was the best! ^0^ Inside the red bag was a big cuddly bear holding a heart that sad "Be Mine". It was so cute! 

I took pics of my outfit and the gifts given to me! I also have pics of me and my bf at the car show but I have to post those in part 2 b/c the pics are on his camera! He needs to send those piccies a.s.a.p! XD lol
So now on to the piccies I do have to show you! ^.^

the cookies i made my boyfriend!

yum yum!

the gifts he gave me!

me being silly >w<

showing off my new earrings 

my Guess coat!

the back of the coat!

my make up close up. I look kinda crazy lol XD

Stay tuned for Part 2! ^0^

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day is coming! what to wear!!?? @0@

So I'm here contemplating about what I'm going to wear and what my make up is going to look like. I wanna look nice for the bf! <3 <3 I think I know what I wanna wear but I won't show my outfit until Valentine's Day. Now for make up I will do a style I saw a make up guru on youtube do. She's one of my favs, her name Queenofblending. Here's the vid:

Isn't  she gorgeous!!!!?? I hope I can replicate it good >w<

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lady Gaga's new single "Born This Way" and my tattoo ideas!

Ok so Lady Gaga's single came out today and of course I was on it like white on rice! I absolutely love the song! It's like a gay disco! lol And the message in the song is very inspiring and strong. Though I do feel the song is not her best, though I am feelin shit out of it! I just start dancin! I cannot wait to see her performace this sunday at the grammy's!

For a while now I wanted to get a tattoo of a lyric by Lady Gaga and I've decided on getting "Born This Way." This really means so much more to me that just a lyric by LG. I can't be anyone else but myself, take it or leave it. B/c I was born this way. ^.^ So on to the tattoo ideas! I drew four sketches and I have already kind of decided on what I want. And it involves a My little pony looking unicorn XD lol

all four

the first and third

the second and fourth. On the fourth one I drew a bit too big so I went off the page a bit but I think you get whats going on >w< Now I still want another tattoo envolving roses and vines though. Oh and I want the tat to be placed on my upper side rib cage. I am also choosing the colors soon. I may add some things like small flowers to the unicorn choice.

*“I am beautiful in my way, cause God makes no 

mistakes, I’m on the right track, baby I was born 

this way!”

— Lady Gaga*