Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I made it in!

Specifically I made it into a MAID CAFE!! One that I can actually attend and be apart of with out having to travel the country lol.

I auditioned for a maid cafe in St. Louis (my home town) that's at an anime convention called Anime St. Louis (a.k.a ASTL). The cafe itself is called Honey Tea Maid Cafe. Even though I knew some of the girls in it already I was still really nervous about getting in or not. ESPECIALLY since I turned in my audition late!

Now that that stress is over a new one arises. I don't have a maid dress!!! @.@ Nor do I haz monies to get one. So I did what any girl would do....I cried and begged mama lol  lol. Thankfully my mom was totally down and helped me out. I should be ordering the dress sometime this week (I wonder what she's gonna make me do for this >.>).
This is the dress I will be purchasing (I will be getting the black one):

The girls that I said I knew that are already in the maid cafe are Lisha and Moni! 

Although after being at the cafe when it first started I started to get to know the other maids as well ^.^ I'm not the only one who got in. I think three other girls and two guys to be butlers! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! More excited though! 私の夢は叶いました!(My dream come true! lol)
For those wandering, the convention starts April 12th-14th 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Be-lated Valentine's Day post!

Always seem to do these things late lol -sigh- Well anyway here it is!

I didn't really want to do anything too special this year. I just wanted to spend all the time I could with the my lover lol. So we basically had a Valentine's week instead of day. We were together the whole week. On Valentine's Day we just went out for sushi and then went to the autoshow here in Chicago again. I love going there! Maybe next year we will plan something graaannndd to celebrate our 4 years together. Imma buy some fancy ass lingerie lol. Anyway here of some pics from V-day and us at the autoshow.

My make and outfit check!

Yeah these pants were pink as hell and I love them!

I actually wound up changing my shoes b/c it was really cold outside.

Walking into the autoshow convention center!

Me and my future car lol. I'm in love with that white Range Rover!  Please be miiiinnee!! <3

Them butterfly doors <3

fucking inception! a picture within a picture!

huurr duurr

This matte black Lamborghini is loovveee!!

aaayyyyyeee!! lol lol


white Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

This is the black Mitsubishi is the same as that white one. I'm soooo getting this black one. A lot more affordable than that Range Rover.....which I still want lol lol You all think I'm kidding. I'm getting this Mistubishi. I ride foreign! >8D lol

And here's a pic of later that night >83 -wiggles eyebrows- lol

Arbor Mist is cheap but it's good as fuck! lol Love it!

ALSO! For my gal circle Gal*luxy I made a little love/luck spell jar! Collectively all the members made and did something special for v-day! Sadly I posted mine too late for it to be on the website so here it is. You can check what every one else did here!
(click it to see it bigger)

If you dare to believe, with just a little love and luck, may your wishes come true! 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forever and A Day...

...Or at least that that's how it seems since the last time I posted on here!

I am not dead! Most of you know that b/c you either have me on added on Facebook or follow my tumblr.  For those of you that don't this is a reminder lol.

Oh man there's a lot that has happened to me and to be honest it would take a couple more days worth of posts.  But I wish to continue on posting from life at this point.  So what I am going to do is a quick run down of what's been going on!

~ I am back in school now! YAY! BUT!...I am at a different school. It's still in Chicago too. I now go to The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago.  So far I'm liking it a lot.  Granted I still have my procrastination ways on doing work but other than that I really like my classes. EXCEPT for's a 3D modeling class and not the kind with clay but on the computer using a software called Maya. I'm going to let this be known now....I HATE MAYA! That freaking program is impossible w/ out at least some prior knowledge to using it.  I feel like a lamb thrown in a lion's den lol (I laugh but I really cry on the inside v.v).  I'm determined to just pass this class so that I can get on to other classes I like.  My other two classes are Color Theory and Language of Animation (a.k.a Animation 101).  Those two classes I love!  Right up my alley!  And my professors are fuckin awesome too! I may even be posting some of my work from those classes on here sometime soon!

~ Also now that I'm back in Chicago for school that also means I'm living here again!  This time I'm not in a dorm but an apartment.  Apartments are waaaaaaaayyyyy cheaper than the dorms.  Saves a lot of money.  But in this new apartment I also got my old gal roomie back!!!  Me and Tomo are together again and have already started tearin up the town! lol I'm so glad to have her as my roomie again.  Let the good times roll! I will be posting a "house vid" soon of what our place looks like.  Also, we have a dog named London. He's cute but a bad ass lol. (I bet some people think we are a lesbian couple lol)

~ Another good thing about being back in Chicago is I get to be closer to my bf!!  We see each other a lot more often now. I really hate being a part from him for so long.  Especially since we have been in this relationship for some years now (three years and going strong).  All we wanna do is be near each other lol.  Time to make more memories with the bf! Valentine's Day is coming up and can't wait to spend the day with him! 

~ Gal news time!  Ok so some of you may know and some may not but a new midwest gal circle has sprung from the ashes! It is called GAL*LUXY! It's a gal circle that consists of gaijin gals from the midwest area of the United States. So we have girls in it from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  It's ten girls strong right now and we will be opening up applications in April I believe! You should totally check out our fb page and website.  I will link you to both!

Oh and before I end this post I must not forget to say that I have a new piercing! I got my eyebrow pierced and I love it!!! I will add some pics of myself how I look now too.

these two pics above this text were taken on my phone! I got an iphone4 and couldn't be happier! now I just need to find a cute case for it!

So long for now! I'll be back soon!! <3