Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent gets and small look update

Hey hey all! I know, I know late as usual but I have not forsaken this blog or anyone!

Here are some things That I recently got and will be getting:

My new devil horn hat and circle sunglasses. I have been wanting these items for some years now and finally got them lol ^.^ Can't wait to make awesome coords with them.

 I ordered a new angle brush simply b/c I needed a new one.

              My new dark lipstick in Black Cherry by Milani. I saw a few make up guru's and friends getting this and it looked really pretty so I had to get it! Here are some pics of me wearing the lipstick.

no flash in weird lighting from my room.

no flash outside of my room.

My tongue was red b/c I was drinking a red juice before hand lol.

This lipstick makes my teeth look hella white. I like it lol.

I ordered this phone case some days ago. I have been struggling to find the perfect protective case that I could deco...and I found her! I have never done a DIY deco before so this shall be fun and hopefully I can make a fun blog post about it too.