Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something to pass the time

I was tagged by the lovely Miss Lolo
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To be honest I don't really like doing these tag things but I thought I would do this for fun but I'm going to be poor sport and not tag others. Simply b/c I know if I didn't want to do this there's plenty who think the same. Also, everyone that was tagged w/ me has already tagged other people I follow. Why tag em' twice? BUT if you did not receive a tag and wish to be you can just say I tagged you anyway LOL


11 facts about me:
1. The way I got the nickname "Nami" was derived from the singer Namie Amuro. In high school I was a really big fan of hers (still am) and wanted to be like her. Although in my nick name I took the 'e' off of Namie and stuck w/ Nami.
2. I used to have a cat named Azule. He was a gray tabby. I named him Azule b/c his eyes were blue. Azule means blue in spanish.

3. I like eating Macaroni & cheese w/ barbeque sauce.

4. I hate peanut butter w/ a passion! (even the smell of it makes my stomach hurt)

5. I'm attracted to all types of men but gay men and drag queens are my fav lol.

6. I like to flash my boobs to my friends.

7. Pink and black are my favorite colors.

8. I like to cosplay.

9. I really want a french bulldog. If it's a girl I will name her Marie Antoinette and if it's a boy I would name him either Pepe or Francois.

10. I'm constantly craving sweets and sushi.

11. I love rock and metal music

My 11 questions:
1.Your Favorite Artist/Band and Why? 
She is my favorite b/c I can connect w/ her and her music. I see so much more to her than what others may see. She's more than just "shock value" and "gimmicks". When I saw her come on to the scene it was like a breathe of fresh air to me. I had stopped listening to American music almost all together before she came along (I stuck w/ Jpop, Jrock and Kpop at the time). She has that soul touchin music for me.

2.If you ruled the world what would be the first thing you do?
Buy my family members a big ass house and a new car w/ everything paid off.
3.Why did you start blogging?
I started to just have a place to write out my feelings.
4.Would you say you're more different than your younger self (like you've matured etc) and why?
Yes and no. Yes b/c I have matured greatly. I can remember certain situations from when I was younger and how I handled them. I cringe at those thoughts...I know better now. No b/c I'm still that goofy kid which I take pride in. make up skillz have gotten better lol.

5.Who Inspires you and Why?
Lady Gaga of course lol
aannd just spiritual people (not just christians but people of any religion. I feel like people w/ the knowledge of love, self awareness and a love for nature are very inspiring)
6.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
 When I met the Japanese band MUCC face to face. They are my favorite jrock band and I swear in that moment I was in heaven. I could hardly speak.
7.Do You watch cartoons? Which ones and why?
HELL YEAH!! Cartoons are the reason I'm in my major in college! I like A LOT so naming them all would be ridiculous. But I will say I like cartoons from America and Japan.
8.What Languages would you like to learn fluently?
Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Ancient Egyptian, Elven and maybe German too
9.Have you ever been in love?
YES! I am currently head over heels in love w/ my boyfriend <3
10.Your Favorite song and why?
uuuggghhh I hate this question lol
I have two right now that I really like. The first one is "Bloody Mary" By Lady Gaga. I dunno what it is but that song just hits me in the right spot. And the second song is "You da One" By Rihanna. This song just basically explains my emotions I have towards my boyfriend.

11.Are their things about yourself you want to work on and why?
My weight, my temper, and being more progressive towards my future goals.
I'm not at a weight I'm comfortable w/ . I wish to be slimmer and tone. 
My temper b/c I'm not that easy to anger but once you do I act out and hold grudges. I wish to control my anger problems and learn to let things go.
And the last one is kind of self explanatory. I just need to work harder.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!? 0.o


My Christmas experience wasn't all too great this year. Even though I could of predicted this I was hoping something would change but it didn't. To start off I wasn't feeling the whole "Christmas spirit" thing so that upset me and my family wasn't making it any better. Just more arguments left and right over nothing. And don't even get me started on how broke my family is...uuugghh. To top off my terrible day my cousins talked about my hair and said rude things about it! >8/ I felt like killing babies I was so pissed. I just wanted to go home.

I think I was also upset b/c I couldn't be w/ my boyfriend. For some reason I just craved to have him around me at this time. I hate the distance T.T I miss him so much it hurts.
This was my theme song for the night:

"I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you baby"

Though as the day was winding down and I got home w/ my mom she then tells me she has something for me. I'm thinking to myself "probably some box of tissues" xP but to my surprise it was an actual gift. An unexpected gift. It was a record player! Now to be honest it's not exactly what I wanted but I do remember telling her some months ago I wanted one. I was more surprised she remembered me saying that! But none the less I am grateful for it.

It also plays the radio, cd's and tape cassettes. I feel obligated to name it. I'm not sure what yet but I think I want it to be French or something English/Irish sounding xD  

My mom also got me a carrying case for me sewing machine and some house shoes.

I like that it has compartments for like thread and other sewing necessities.

I also got this fleece cupcake blanket.

Now on the real...None of these these things were on X-mas list lol except for the house shoes but I had a friend already getting me a pair so now I have two new pairs xD. Even though these things weren't on my list I'm I got something rather than nothing.

I also got a few things from one my cousins (she's one of the nice ones lol)

If you are going to give me cheap make up it may as well be by the e.l.f company. I consider them the "good cheap stuff" lol And the heart is a compact mirror.

me testing out the eyeliners. I've never had silver before. *3*

This is a cute little on-the-go palette but I can't wait for my 120 eyeshadow palette >w<

My brother had gotten me the book The Hunger Games first volume. A friend of mine said I can't watch the movie until I have read at least the first volume. >w<

For those who don't know what movie I'm talking about...take a look at this trailer (the movie doesn't come out til March)  :


Anyways, besides my day starting off bad I hope others had a better experience and got to be w/ loved ones. Merry be-lated Christmas and Happy Holidays! Can't wait for the new year to begin!

The snowman head on my Christmas tree wanted to say hi! XD lol lol

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love it when the bass drops

Recently I have gotten back into cyber punk fashion. Specifically cyber monster looking stuff. I only would dress this way at dances or raves but if I felt like it I would wear it whenever, where ever! >8D

For the past two yrs I have worn the same rave outfit and I'm looking to do something a little different. Maybe something a little more extreme. Extreme meaning in the make up design...well the over all design too.

This was taken in April 2011

This is me and my friend Aya. This was taken in May 2010

As much as I love that outfit it needs to go and that wig was on it's last leg too lol lol

This is my friend Mjok. She always has these bad ass designs when it comes to make up! She was actually inspired by another make up artist named Durga. Here's her website
Her stuff is very avant garde but I absolutely love it w/ a passion! *0*

Mjok is the one in the middle. Man I wish I had boobies like that! XD lol But I will do w/ mine lol. One day I will party w/ her! >8O I just really love the whole runny looking make up style. It's like you are crying neon tears!

This pic of Mjok is a bit old but I loves it so much! *0* I love her! lol <3

Here's something I have been working on for my new rave look.

I'm not sure on whether I want short sleeves or long. Tis why her arms look unfinished...also I hate drawing hands so I just left them out lol. Now that wig is two toned colored and is light pink and light purple w/ buns on top. I plan buying this wig from Minty Mix. The splatter of color on there I wish to be very bright or even glow in the dark. And yes those are bat wings on the head. I was inspired by Morrigan from the game Darkstalkers. I have no clue what color I want the fluffy legwarmers to be...but I have like 4 months to decide before Acen. Also there's a black heart on my chest that I will make look runny as well. I think I might some glitter on it too.

I took a pic I had of me w/ less make up on and messed around in photoshop and drew on some make up ideas.  This what I thought of so far. This is basically a close up look of the make up I drew in the pic above. (Obviously I was inspired by Mjok >w<)

Now I don't actually plan on putting a star on one of my eyes. I just did that b/c I didn't feel like re-doing everything on the other side lol lazy I know lol.I wanted to get white contacts but none come in a prescription and I need to see LOL! So I'm going to get the EOS New Adult Grey circle lense in it's place. They show up very nice.
I'm really excited about doing this! I don't want to look like the average rave chick in a bikini. I feel like there's no creativity in that. And they look really boring. I'm all about show stopping! lol

Now I leave you w/ the song I'm currently obsessed w/!
Downlink "Emergency"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

X-mas party and gifts

So as I mentioned in my previous post, my besties b-day was yesterday. We took her out to eat and went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. That movie was awesome btw! Everyone should check it out! After the movies we went to see her mom who had some b-day gift's for her. All in all it was a good day.

Later that night we went to our friend Jo's house. She was throwing a x-mas party. There was food and gifts everywhere. Me and Lori (bestie) weren't expecting to get too many gifts but to our surprise we did and we actually liked them lol. I felt really bad though b/c me being jobless I had no money to get anybody else any gifts. I just felt like a bum but luckily they understood the situation I was in. I know x-mas isn't about the gifts but I would love to make someone happy by giving them a gift. I just love seeing the smiles on others faces when they open presents (I sound like Santa Claus lol). For some reason I wasn't really thinking and didn't take too many pictures I only have two and they are kinda bad quality but they are pics non the less lol!

That's my friend Kyle in his Santa outfit and his gf sitting next to him w/ the Santa hat was his helper lol

Today I took pics of all the presents I received so I show you all!

My friend Anne got me the Cecil McBee goodies! I love it! She also got me deco to put on the back of my iphone. Which is the pic u see below! <3 I absolutely love it all!

My cam would not focus on this or the lip gloss I had gotten. But the bottle says Coconut custard shower gel.

a small cute coin purse

My friend made everyone their own pillow. Everyone's was different. <3

This box was full of candy and goodies!

these heart glasses where in the box

some of the candy in the box

sugar candy on a stick! I've never had this kind of candy before but it's soooo goooood! I was sucking on that purple one for hours XD lol

My camera would not focus on that lip gloss for nothing XD 

I also took pics of my new hairstyle that I mentioned before as well!

u can't really tell but my sides are like really low and the poof is the mohawk part.

I'm still getting used to this look but so far I'm digging it >w< But I know for a fact I need something done to my brows XD I'm also really liking these Princess Mimi apple green lenses! They show up really nice! Better than any green circle lenses I've had before!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick update

I would like to post more about me, my style and what I'm doing but lately I have just been at home trying to get my school stuff situated so that I can return to Chicago.

But no worries I have some new things in store to post about! This Saturday is my besties birthday so of course I'm going to go out for that. There's also a Christmas party I'm going to that Saturday as well. Also I have a new hairstyle! I won't show pics til this weekend. Lets just say it makes me look....very bgal-ish. I'm not really going for that look but I will work it out before I change looks again.

With my hair though I'm currently one year post relaxer. I guess I'm goin the natural route right now. I wanna see how much my hair can grow naturally and what my natural curl pattern looks like.  I always had the dream of having big ass lion's mane hair! lol But who knows I may go back to the creamy crack. But I'm going to stick this out longer w/ out it. Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Japanese drama's to the rescue lol

Besides all the stupid/bad things happening to me as of late I have found a new Japanese drama to watch.
It's called "Misaki's Number One." It's not really that new since it was released I think in early January of 2011 but it's new to me b/c I have never seen it.  I have only watched the first episode and so far I'm liking it.

“Misaki Number One!!” is originally a manga written by Fujisaki Masato, and it’s a story of the #1 hostess in Roppongi, who becomes a teacher for three months.
Karina will play the hostess/teacher who has to come face to face with students full of problems.  One of the highlights of the drama will be Karina’s fashion, as she shows up in hostess dresses even in school.
The producer of the drama is Kato Masatoshi, who is known as the producer of popular drama, “Gokusen“.  Masatoshi said that he wanted to make another school drama like “Gokusen”, and he thought Karina would be a great teacher.

Just a little something to ease my headache and frustration...along w/ cookies w/ icing.

LOL wut (quick post)

So I lost my phone last night.

I will never have a phone as good as that one ever again. Me and my family are too broke right to even think of getting a phone like that again. -sigh-

It was fun having a smart phone for a while.

Oh and about that Christmas list...I can just expect to receive nothing on it. My mother told me if they get me a new phone then that's all I will get for Christmas. I guess I should turn that list into a "want list" then.

This also means friends will be getting late Christmas gifts b/c my mom had originally planned on helping me get them. Not anymore. I hate not having money.

You are probably thinking "why not get a job?" I will smack a mother fucker for saying such shit. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET A JOB! I filled out at least 10 applications and bothered the fuck out of the places to see if I can get hired. Nothing. Literally nothing. No call backs. Nothing.

This whole issue is far beyond just Christmas gifts. It's a money issue. The one issue that kills me the most. To be honest it's also tearing my family apart but that's a whole nother' story that I'm not getting into now.

I think what I need to do now is cry out my pain, eat some cookies, meditate, and continue to be positive.

Friday, December 9, 2011

X-mas list revamped, gifts and other random thoughts lol

My X-mas List!
- copic markers
- tablet (for drawing)
- eyeshadow palette
- house shoes (A friend of mine is getting me these!)
- new snow boots
- Betsey Johnson purse ( I saw some on ebay for reeaalllyy affordable prices! like $40! @0@)
- anime convention badges! (b/c I'm a nerd lol) 
I know this isn't  much different from the one I posted before but I wanted to put it up. I also have some New Year's resolutions. One of them is for my family to be financially stable again. We are going through some tough times v.v I guess al we can do is continue working hard. Hopefully it will pay off in the end.
But I wish not let those things get my spirits down and nor do I want to make others sad. I want to keep this jolly spirit least for the holidays. I want to get small presents for my friends. They deserve it! I'm currently making a list for them too.

Not related to the topic above but I have been thinking about making a video. I dunno about what but I feel like maybe I can connect w/ people better if they were able to put a voice w/ a face. I mean I had made a New Year's vid I think for 2010 and I only said a few words in it. I think I might do something similar. I'm so shy and weird though. I feel dumb talking into a camera lol and making eye contacting w/ that lense is just frightening lol. I'm a wreck I know lol.

On another random note my gal pal/sister/friend Yuka is living out her dream in Japan right now! She's always been determined to become an Akiba Idol and she's finally getting a shot at it! She had gotten an audition and performed at several places in Akihabara in front of an audience and it was shot live on Nic Nico Douga (Japanese youtube). They weren't able to record the auditions but you could of watched them on niconico douga. Sadly I do not have an account on there so I missed them but I was cheering for her in spirit! I'm so excited for her and proud of her!  がんばってねユカちゃん!



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LOVE is in the air!

Today is a very special day b/c this marks me and my bf's two year anniversary! This is THE longest relationship I've ever been in and I couldn't be happier! The down side is we are apart right now so we are celebrating over the phone ;A; But me and him are used to this long distance so we will be ok. We made plans for when I go back to Chicago to have a be-lated anniversary party ^.^

Me and Blake-ums pixelated! lol <3

We is so beautious! lol lol

This pic was taken on the day we first met! We were at Mitsuwa!

This was taken at the Chicago Comic Con

us on facebook ameba pico! lol

lawl XD

Well I'm done spamming pics of us >w<. If I had continued this post would of been extremely long for no reason lol. But yeah...anyway....I LOVE YOU BLAKE!!! And I hope to continue on the love that we have!