Sunday, December 18, 2011

X-mas party and gifts

So as I mentioned in my previous post, my besties b-day was yesterday. We took her out to eat and went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. That movie was awesome btw! Everyone should check it out! After the movies we went to see her mom who had some b-day gift's for her. All in all it was a good day.

Later that night we went to our friend Jo's house. She was throwing a x-mas party. There was food and gifts everywhere. Me and Lori (bestie) weren't expecting to get too many gifts but to our surprise we did and we actually liked them lol. I felt really bad though b/c me being jobless I had no money to get anybody else any gifts. I just felt like a bum but luckily they understood the situation I was in. I know x-mas isn't about the gifts but I would love to make someone happy by giving them a gift. I just love seeing the smiles on others faces when they open presents (I sound like Santa Claus lol). For some reason I wasn't really thinking and didn't take too many pictures I only have two and they are kinda bad quality but they are pics non the less lol!

That's my friend Kyle in his Santa outfit and his gf sitting next to him w/ the Santa hat was his helper lol

Today I took pics of all the presents I received so I show you all!

My friend Anne got me the Cecil McBee goodies! I love it! She also got me deco to put on the back of my iphone. Which is the pic u see below! <3 I absolutely love it all!

My cam would not focus on this or the lip gloss I had gotten. But the bottle says Coconut custard shower gel.

a small cute coin purse

My friend made everyone their own pillow. Everyone's was different. <3

This box was full of candy and goodies!

these heart glasses where in the box

some of the candy in the box

sugar candy on a stick! I've never had this kind of candy before but it's soooo goooood! I was sucking on that purple one for hours XD lol

My camera would not focus on that lip gloss for nothing XD 

I also took pics of my new hairstyle that I mentioned before as well!

u can't really tell but my sides are like really low and the poof is the mohawk part.

I'm still getting used to this look but so far I'm digging it >w< But I know for a fact I need something done to my brows XD I'm also really liking these Princess Mimi apple green lenses! They show up really nice! Better than any green circle lenses I've had before!


  1. Wow you got so many cute and wonderful gifts, your friends are really generous! I can't give many gifts this year either, but I'm making some things to augment it haha!

    You hair, oh my god, your hair! It is just AMAZING!! Seriously, I think it just looks so great XD

  2. you should get your name in katakana on the side of your head lol IN PINK... i think

  3. OMG! Your hair is so CUTE!! Wish I was brave enough to try something like that :-)