Thursday, October 27, 2011

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

I used to want to do Japanese and Korean dance covers but I tricked my mind into thinking it would be too hard or I'm not good enough. Also my lazy personality doesn't help either. But recently after watching a few vids I've gotten inspired to actually try this time. I mean it's not like I don't know how to dance b/c I've been dancing since I was 5, in and out of dance studios, and I was also on the dance team in high school. Sure I could use a little brushing up but I'm willing to work on it.

My conflict now is whether or not to post the vids on my current youtube page or make a whole new page for the dance vids. I'm actually leaning towards just adding them to my current page. I have too many accounts online and adding another would be ridiculous >w< Honestly I would forget about it and then have people yelling at me to make another vid XD Now I'm not making dance vids to get popular or to become a Japanese idol or be the next international Kpop star. Just for fun b/c dancing is fun!

I've been on youtube for some yrs now and I have seen the good, the super amazing, the bad, and the hot messes of Japanese and Korean dance covers. So I'm pretty clear on what to do and what not to do but I advise others that if you know you don't rhythm then don't upload it XD. Practice! Practice! Practice! For the sake of the viewers and yourself.

Now this girl here killed it! She did an amazing job! And not to mention that hot body! I sure was starin at them legs! >8D


This girl is always making her own para's and she's really good at it! I plan on learning this! Starting tomorrow! (Or should I say later today since it's 4 am in the morning right now XD lol)

[Lex] Bad Romance パラパラ (Lost in Paradise Euro Mix) Para Para ver.

To be honest Para or any form of it has been my sworn enemy lol For some reason it's always harder for me to get the arm motions down than any other dancing I've done XP But Imma try my best w/ this one. Speaking of para para my gal friend Tomo is a beast at it! Like she be rememberin the shit in like a week or less! @0@

This is when me and Tomo did a para together. I guess I did ok but i can do better ToT Why does it look like my left ankle (your right) is breaking!? XP uuggghhh
I just hope when I do that new para that Tomo will be proud of meh XD lol

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thinking of an AV gyaru styled photo shoot!?

For those who don't know I'm a bit of a perv and brave enough to admit it lol. For a while now I have always wanted to do some fetishy type modeling. I had lost interest in it and then a good friend of mine brought me back into the light lol. I'm way too shy to pose completely nude but suggestive pics I can do. I would love to express my sexuality in this way <3 <3

When I discovered AV gal's like a yr or two ago I was totally smitten with the way they looked. Now I know there are some people who are totally disgusted by them b/c of what they do for a living but I feel no one has the right to judge any one for you are not in their place. And I didn't make this post to "glamorize" their lifestyle in any way. I just simply like the way they look. Their hair and make is on point. Aaannnd I love their overly tanned skin. But anyway when I saw certain photos of them something clicked in my head. I instantly wanted to look like them and take photos such as those. Also need I mention again that I am a pervert lol >w< And when it comes to taking suggestive photos my instant thought was "I need to do naughty school girl photos!" If and when I actually do a av gal styled shoot I don't think I would post it any where. If I do post them they will be the rated pg & pg 13 ones lol I'm already iffy about posting them at all. I don't have time for dumb rumors to start. :/  I may even just only show them to my bf lol.

Here are some pics I thought were inspiring as to what type of photos I wish to take.

covered up their bits w/ hearts >w< don't wanna scare any one away lol

how can you be so cute yet soooo dirty? XD I love it!

So cute! I die! *0* School girl fetish ftw!!!

I got all these pics from

But first off I would need to actually own a Japanese school girl uniform or "sailor fuku". I found some really cute and affordable ones from the website

(I really like that purple one)

I really love all of them so I may wind up collecting them along the road >w<

Have any of you guys thought about fetish modeling before or just taking "pictures" for your significant other? Oooorr maybe is this a profession you actually want to get into? 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Self spam from Saturday

When our first gal meet happened I cam whored of course and I'm going to share w/ you all my pics! Some of you may have already seen this pics since I posted some on tumblr and my FB. I was trying to channel my inner Happie Nuts/Blenda gal....Hopefully it came across that way >w<!

I think one of the things I need to work on when it comes to styling myself is knowing the difference between club wear/going out ear and just being fashionable. I like this outfit a lot but I feel like I kind of over did it for a gal meet >w< It seems like I am headed to a club and I know a lot of gals get that but I seriously think this of my outfit. I just need to find that common ground in the fashion.

full body shot

Those feathers you see are from my earring! <3 

another shot of my make in a different lighting and you can see my contacts a little better

My nails. I actually changed the color scheme a bit from the original design. Even after doing that I wished to add more designs on the other nails as well.

shot of my legs and shoes <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Gal Circ and meet pics!

So once upon a time their was a nago sa in my area named "Chance". But sadly no one kept in contact and/or just didn't meet up at all so we wound stopping the circle.

Now, my friend Yuka (a previous Chance gal) and Jax decided to start up a new nago sa and named it シユガーギヤル!!
(Sugaa gals! pronounced "Shugaa"). I was hesitant on joining at first b/c of what happened w/ the last circle. And even being in it now I feel somewhat hesitant but hopefully things will work out or that we will last longer.

With this new sa we acquired a new member! Her name is Moni and she's super cute and sweet. Her fav style is b-gal and I think she likes the looks in Happie Nuts as well. At our first meet (which was today!) we gave her a little make over but since she had to leave early we had to work fast. Next time though when we meet we will have m,ore time to experiment w/ different looks.

Here are the pics that I took and hopefully more to come! 

This is Jax and her fav style is the Cocolulu look

This is Kate and she likes mori gal and Liz Lisa. Them panties look mighty fine! lol >w<

me of course!

Me and Jax

Moni and Jax

Me and Jax's shoes <3

Jax, Yuka, and Moni

Me, Yuka, and Jax

Yuka-pon <3

Yuka and Moni

These pics were taken after we were done w/ Moni's mini make over!

Moni took this pic of herself when she got home tonight. For as fast as we did her make I think it came out well. ^.^ Can't wait for the next meet ya!