Monday, October 3, 2011

New stuffs! (and more to come)

I meant to post this last week but never got around to it.

I forgot what day it was but sometime last week my mother and I had a mini shopping outing. I had gotten two new tops, a leopard jacket (yes another one lol), and some more things to add to my make up collection.

First off is the Sun Bunny Bronzer by Too Faced. This is my first Too Faced item I have ever owned. So far I'm luvin it.

 One of the workers at Sephora (make up store) persuaded me and my mother that I needed this Kabuki brush. She was right lol and it only costed 9 bucks. And of course I love it even more b/c it's pink!

it opens up just so if you want an angle 

Now I only took pics of one of my tops when I first got them. But I have pics of myself in the other one which I will post in a different post.

I'm in love w/ this gray poncho and I can't wait to make awesome coords w/ it!

Now on to my second leopard jacket. The difference between this one and the one I already have is that this one has a zipper, a hood, and cuffs around the wrist area. I can do a lot more w/ this one!

I covered my face up b/c I was lookin busted that day lol XP

I'm in head over heels in love w/ this jacket! *3* and it's sooooo sooooffft! <3

I also got my Princess Mimi apple green circle lenses! I took some pics in them but they aren't that good. I need to take better pics w/ them in so you all can see the color better.

yeah....u can't really see them that well w/ these pics. But I must say that I love these lenses.



  2. Love the coat!! You are super pretty ;]