Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thinking of an AV gyaru styled photo shoot!?

For those who don't know I'm a bit of a perv and brave enough to admit it lol. For a while now I have always wanted to do some fetishy type modeling. I had lost interest in it and then a good friend of mine brought me back into the light lol. I'm way too shy to pose completely nude but suggestive pics I can do. I would love to express my sexuality in this way <3 <3

When I discovered AV gal's like a yr or two ago I was totally smitten with the way they looked. Now I know there are some people who are totally disgusted by them b/c of what they do for a living but I feel no one has the right to judge any one for you are not in their place. And I didn't make this post to "glamorize" their lifestyle in any way. I just simply like the way they look. Their hair and make is on point. Aaannnd I love their overly tanned skin. But anyway when I saw certain photos of them something clicked in my head. I instantly wanted to look like them and take photos such as those. Also need I mention again that I am a pervert lol >w< And when it comes to taking suggestive photos my instant thought was "I need to do naughty school girl photos!" If and when I actually do a av gal styled shoot I don't think I would post it any where. If I do post them they will be the rated pg & pg 13 ones lol I'm already iffy about posting them at all. I don't have time for dumb rumors to start. :/  I may even just only show them to my bf lol.

Here are some pics I thought were inspiring as to what type of photos I wish to take.

covered up their bits w/ hearts >w< don't wanna scare any one away lol

how can you be so cute yet soooo dirty? XD I love it!

So cute! I die! *0* School girl fetish ftw!!!

I got all these pics from

But first off I would need to actually own a Japanese school girl uniform or "sailor fuku". I found some really cute and affordable ones from the website

(I really like that purple one)

I really love all of them so I may wind up collecting them along the road >w<

Have any of you guys thought about fetish modeling before or just taking "pictures" for your significant other? Oooorr maybe is this a profession you actually want to get into? 


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! If your interested in it and want to do it then go for it! I think it's a cool idea and you should post at least some! it would be cool to see (in a totally none pervy way) xx :) x <3

  2. I like looking at their pics too :D Think they look so GAL and awesome :)
    I've taken pics like that, never put them anywhere, even my man hasn't seen them all. It's all for fun ^^

    a former friend of mine wanted to make a 'girl calendar' for her boyfriend, I got to give her ideas for it and even took some pics xP it turned out pretty good!

  3. shit i would love to ride dick with cocona!!! but im too fluffy & i would scare the japanese porn men lmao!!!!!

  4. Oh, that's such a fun idea *o* My friends and I always take perverted (pg13 >>) pictures when we hang out... I thought that's just what girls do! xD

  5. >:D

    so many people look down on sexual shoots/models, but then again, almost all beings have sex(atleast the ones with the parts for it)
    sex is nothing new
    neither is erotic works, whether its lightcore or hardcore.

    i think some people let religion get in the way, or even feel like maybe they cannot have that freedom or courage to do it, so they bash it.
    i dunno lol.

  6. @Tobi: Thanks for the support! ^.^ If and when I do it I will post some...the pg ones lol

    @Shinibana: A calendar!? I never even thought of that! Maybe I will make one for my bf lol >w<

    @Tomo: Nasty gal! lol lol XD The Japanese men might come to you b/c you're "fluffy". They likes "exotic" womenz lol >w<

    @Nishonono: I used to do it a lot w/ my friends as well XD It might be a girl thing lol

    @Lisha: -nod nod- I agree.