Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last weekend was so gay and so fun.

Last Friday I went to Chicago (like I said in my post before this) to see my bf and some friends and to go to the gay pride parade.

I had an amazing time! I got to spend so much time with my luvah and I can't wait to see him again. Unfortunately my camera decided it wasn't going to work anymore so I no longer have one and will have to use my webcam (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻. I do have a flip camera though so I can record some things. Anyway with that said I don't have any pics from the parade. I really wish I did. So much was going on I just wanted to capture it all! 

Basically what I saw was ---> (ノ⊙ω⊙)ノ~『✧~*BOOBS*~✧』 & (ノ◕ω◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧

Men in rainbow thongs and women scantily clad. It was so much fun and so much excitement. There were a shit ton of people too! I've never experienced anything like that before! Street after street was a party. Like literally people were just standing and dancing in the middle of the street...and that was after the parade! ALSO my bf got hit on a few times lol as did I. All in good fun yo. I most definitely will be going back next year. We had got there late so missed most of the parade and only saw like 15 minutes of it. Next time I will be up bright early! >8D I really wish my camera hadn't died on me. I saw someone dressed as Lady Gaga from the Marry The Night video. I was speechless!! lol lol

Oooh ooh! and some random guy came up to me saying I looked like the singer Rihanna and then proceeded to sing her song "S&M" for me lol lol he was so drunk but he was hilarious!

Here are some pics of me and the bf on Friday.

Here are the piccies I took before leaving for the parade on Sunday

my make up close

Trying to be saucy

Since i didn't have my camera to take pics of the parade I don't have any pics of my own but I can show you some that my gal friend Tomo took!

Me, Tomo and Kira kira. Those two guys in the pic we just met on the street. They were really nice and really drunk lol Yay for new friends!

Me, tomo and Sam. Sam being a weirdo in the back sniffing my hair >w<

I really like this pic <3


if I was a gay man that would be me up there v.v

My little souvenir from the parade ^.^

I wish they had more parades more often. I was drunk for half the time I was there but I remember it all! Can't wait for next year! I WILL have a camera then too!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gonna have fun this weekend!

Ok so...later on Thursday evening I will be getting on a bus and heading towards Chicago!! FINALLY!! I get to go back to my home away from home. I also get to see my bf and friends! I will be staying at my bf's house and I can't wait to spend time w/ him again.

And this weekend starts up Pride fest for many cities. I usually go to St.Louis's Pride fest but since I will be in Chicago I will be attending theirs for the first time! I can't wait to see beautiful gay men and women...and drag queens in all their glory! lol lol I'm going to be w/ friends too so I already know Imma be drunk lol. I hope I get to see Lisha and Tomo and everyone else that I love in Chicago. I will be there from Thursday til' Monday. Oooooooohhhh!!! I can't wait!!! And this also gives an excuse to actually put on make up and feel that gal feeling again lol.

I will make sure to take plenty of photos!

I also gotta represent that bi-pride! Woop! Woop!

Which reminds me.....I need some rainbow shit to wear for the parade...oh gawd......I haven't owned anything w/ a rainbow since middle school lol lol I think I have a lol I dunno. I have this feeling my bf is going to get hit on by some guys...people always tell me they think he's gay or bi I guess b/c he's pretty in the face w/ long hair...I dunno lol lol We'll see what happens. I'm too fuckin excited!! SHAVIN MY LEGS TOOOOONIGHT! lol lol

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some new gets and feeling better

Last week my mom heard my plea and was kind enough to respond to it. I was out of foundation and she bought me a new one! Now it's not the same one I was using before which was the Matte Mouse by Maybelline (which I still love). She got me the "FIT me!" liquid foundation by Maybelline! I had a liquid foundation before and it was from Mac but I didn't use it too often b/c it made my face really cakey. I'm hoping w/ this new foundation that I will love it and that it'll work for me. When I use it I will post pics.

Not the best lighting v.v

She also got me a new brown palette. I also desperately needed this b/c I need to practice contouring my nose.

I'm also really happy b/c two sets of my lashes from ebay came in the mail recently! They're both top lashes so now I'm waiting for my bottom lashes to come!!! 
First set:

Even though I love these...they are way smaller in person than what I thought I was getting :/ I will make do w/ them though. It's not like I paid a lot for them anyway.

Second set:

loovvvee <3 These bad boys are huge and I love them!

They may not be brand lashes but I don't give a fuck. They work just as good in my opinion. 


MY LOWER LASHES CAME TODAY!!!! WOOOOOO!!! First time owning my own too!!

I'm too excited right now!! SDGTYHTYDFHNUTDBVD!!

I know this is random but I have been thinking about my tattoo ideas. I want three. One of them is a quote Gaga said in an interview; "It's always wrong to hate, but it's never wrong to love." I want that on the side of my stomach...or rib cage. 

The other is an ancient Egyptian phrase said by Kemetics. "Ankh udja seneb" which means Life. Prosperity and Health. These are the symbols for it which I plan on getting on my wrist:

Ankh,     Udja,   Seneb

And last but not least my blue lotus flower w/ the Eye of Horus (aka Eye of Ra). I want to get this either on the back of my shoulder or the middle of my back just below the neck.

I found a simple drawing of a lotus flower on google and I just took it into photoshop and colored on it and put the eye of horus in the middle. I want something similar to this. I hope to get a good artist who will do it justice. I got this idea from another tattoo I saw on google. Instead of the Eye of Horus they had the Hindu "Om" symbol in the middle

I really like this...I wish all these colors would show on my skin but alas being brown we have to work w/ what we got. ^.^

So yeah lol...tis all for now ^.^

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bummed out and stressed out the past few weeks (mini rant)

 Being back home from school is nice and all but only to an extent.
I'm away from really good friends, inspiration and most importantly the love of my life.
I can't even express to you how hard it is to not see your boyfriend of two years for some months.
Not saying I don't have any friends here at home but they are few. I have one best friend here
and I love hanging with her but she has a job and lives 20 minutes away. Not exactly convenient.
Oh and while we are on things not being convenient, I have applied to many jobs here
and not one has called me back. I'm struggling so hard w/ money here. -sigh-

I miss being in the city. I miss being inspired by my other art friends and my surroundings.
I miss my boyfriend with a passion. I miss taking art classes. I miss being GAL! I miss being on my own. This whole living with the family mess is not for me. I really am going crazy here. I can't even summon up the inspiration to draw. I'm constantly forcing myself to even pick up a pencil and paper. 

I still consider myself gal but I haven't dressed up in some weeks. I'm never going anywhere
and I hardly ever leave the house. So I have just been bumming around not looking 
like the glamourous gal I wish to be. Some would say "why don't you just
practice your make up if you are bored?" And I will tell you that I have but I'm already 
running low on foundation and eyeliner and many other make up needs. And with me not having ANY
money it's kind of hard to just up and buy some. I would ask my mom for help but she's the only
one working right now and she needs to spend that money on bills. I really hate asking my 
parents for money when I know they are struggling more than I am. Not only is
not having make up a problem but my wigs are becoming ratty and unwearable v.v Just one shit fest
after another I have to deal with. I just hate feeling like I'm not getting anywhere w/ my style.

One of the things that are stressing me out the most is my schooling. I'm in this place where I have
to choose if I want to stay at the school I'm at and take shit classes or transfer to another art school. Now I have already talked to a representative from the other school and we kind of "hit it off" lol. 
So far I'm liking what they have to offer and they are in the same area as my other school
so it's not like a brand new place and I can still be close to people I wish to be close to. The
only problem is....I have to go through all that fucking paper work again.  I have to pay for another
application fee, I gotta write another essay and I have to submit a portfolio! I don't have any art that's worth showing to an art school! My other school never asked for one form me I really have to draw some shit this summer...and color it if possible v.v -sigh- We will see what happens, 
shit doing all of that may be worth it in the end b/c I'm tired of my other school. I loved the art teachers there but their program is fucked up.

Now my life isn't complete shit. There have been a FEW things that still make me happy. Even though
I can't see my bf in person I love hearing his voice on the phone and I do plan to visit him this month along w/ my friends. Just keeping positive in general has been keeping my from completely loosing
my mind. I have a new love for meditating and yoga so that has been helping
me out a lot especially when I get stressed. I feel like staying negative only leaves
room for more negative things to happen. I just needed a space to rant out my feelings and I thought
my blogger would be the perfect place lol. Ooh ooh! I did have like 5 bucks on card left so I bought some lashes from ebay! Woooo!! I bought some top lashes and finally some
bottom lashes! Only one of my top lashes came in so far so I'm 
waiting for the rest. -sits by mailbox-

These are the first pair to make it in. I like them but I was a little
disappointed w/ them b/c on the picture they looked waaayyyy bigger but I'm not about
to cry over it. I can just double these up and I have another bigger pair on the way.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Made some minor blog changes

I thought it was due time that I changed my blog layout and header. Well at least I felt
it needed a change. I was bored looking at it lol. Even now I'm still iffy on it
But I will say that I love the's just the layout I will have to work with.

I've seen others with this layout and I saw that they had tabs (links to other websites) at the top. I was wondering if any of you know how to get them!? If so please share for the HTML impaired X3 lol

Another look at the header. Before, I had it w/ out Yuria there but I love 
her too much to not put her there.

I dunno...I was just trying to get out of my habit of using black all the time.
I refuse to go mostly white...too bright for my vampire eyes lol Sooo light purple or lilac
was my next color to go to. That or gray. 

But like I said before I'm still playing around w/ it and I would like to know what
you all think of it! ^.^

My new profile pic as well<3 xoxo ~Nami