Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last weekend was so gay and so fun.

Last Friday I went to Chicago (like I said in my post before this) to see my bf and some friends and to go to the gay pride parade.

I had an amazing time! I got to spend so much time with my luvah and I can't wait to see him again. Unfortunately my camera decided it wasn't going to work anymore so I no longer have one and will have to use my webcam (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻. I do have a flip camera though so I can record some things. Anyway with that said I don't have any pics from the parade. I really wish I did. So much was going on I just wanted to capture it all! 

Basically what I saw was ---> (ノ⊙ω⊙)ノ~『✧~*BOOBS*~✧』 & (ノ◕ω◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧

Men in rainbow thongs and women scantily clad. It was so much fun and so much excitement. There were a shit ton of people too! I've never experienced anything like that before! Street after street was a party. Like literally people were just standing and dancing in the middle of the street...and that was after the parade! ALSO my bf got hit on a few times lol as did I. All in good fun yo. I most definitely will be going back next year. We had got there late so missed most of the parade and only saw like 15 minutes of it. Next time I will be up bright early! >8D I really wish my camera hadn't died on me. I saw someone dressed as Lady Gaga from the Marry The Night video. I was speechless!! lol lol

Oooh ooh! and some random guy came up to me saying I looked like the singer Rihanna and then proceeded to sing her song "S&M" for me lol lol he was so drunk but he was hilarious!

Here are some pics of me and the bf on Friday.

Here are the piccies I took before leaving for the parade on Sunday

my make up close

Trying to be saucy

Since i didn't have my camera to take pics of the parade I don't have any pics of my own but I can show you some that my gal friend Tomo took!

Me, Tomo and Kira kira. Those two guys in the pic we just met on the street. They were really nice and really drunk lol Yay for new friends!

Me, tomo and Sam. Sam being a weirdo in the back sniffing my hair >w<

I really like this pic <3


if I was a gay man that would be me up there v.v

My little souvenir from the parade ^.^

I wish they had more parades more often. I was drunk for half the time I was there but I remember it all! Can't wait for next year! I WILL have a camera then too!!


  1. Your eye make is gorgeous, cannot stress that enough! And zooomg at teh boobies!! xD Haha, she is a brave woman lol xD

    Btw I tagged you for a liebster award!:

  2. Looks like it was AMAZING! You look beautiful as always girl!

    Here's a tag & I present you the Liebster Award!

  3. @ナニベリー ♥: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! Omg lol it's ok you weren't the only one >w< lol
    Oh yaayy!! ^.^

    @Rina: It was really fun and thank you love <3 ^0^