Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whats in store for the new year!?

Hell if I know lol But I do have a few things planned. For them oe, my mothers b-day is on new year's! I'm also going to meet up w/ my nago sa sistaz on new year's! I haven't hung out w/ them in a while! But sadly one of them (Kate) won't be able to make it b/c she isn't in town BUT she said she would meet up w/ us another day before I go back to school in Chicago so that makes me happy. I also have a few goals set for myself for the new coming year. I'll list them off for ya. 

Goals for the new year:

- loose weight (this is a big one for me and i know I can do it if i put my mind and heart to it)
- be more focused in school and make better grades (i know this is possible if i stop procrastinating)
- seriously vamp up my gal style. (i want my style to be clear on what it is when u see it. i'm done w/ being shy on what i wear. i wanna be fuckin fabulous! >8D)
- get a job! >w< (as much as i want to revamp my style....i need money to do it)
- meet interesting people who do interesting things (i cannot stress enough how much i hate "normal" people. normal meaning people who go along w/ the social norms. i like crazy and outgoing people full of color and sparkle in their veins! lol)
- be the best girlfriend and friend >w<
- revamp my blog layout. i want it to be smexy!

Now that I've told some of my goals do you have any? Or any resolutions? I wanna knooww! ^0^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays! (a day late XD lol)

I couldn't get on my comp to post yesterday b/c I was with my family the whole day! Every time I get together with my family I always realize why I love and hate them lol. But anyways my Christmas was ok...most of the presents I got I already knew about them b/c I went shopping with my mom when she bought them hehe. So the element of surprise wasn't there on Christmas day but I'm happy either way.
I'm going to post some pics of the things I received ^.^

new underwear! ^0^ 

this stuff smells so good! ^.^

My new fur leopard coat! 

new pink headphones! they came w/ speakers too! i can't to deco it.

my new booties! 
I got the wallet from my friend Jo and the HK planner came from Yuka 

love thiiisss 

my first Stitch plushie! I  him!

my (second) gaga poster came from my friend Mimi. I got another one form my roomate Tomo  
my good friend Anne made this (she drew it and colored it)


new tights 

pink, black, and white headband

black sweater dress (very form fitting...i need to loose some weight XD)

cute vest

two new tops. to be honest i dunno what im gonna do w/ the moon one...i guess i can make it gal some how lol looks too hipster for me XD

I had gotten many other gifts from friends that I didn't get a chance to take a pic of so I don't want them to feel I left them out in this post. I will cherish all my gifts ^.^ 
OH SHIT!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!!.....My BF got me a Lady Gaga documentary dvd and a really cute headband! I can't post them b/c I left them in my dorm room v.v 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Got some shopping done today! More to do tomorrow!

So I hadn't intentionally meant to go shopping but my mum begged me. Though I'm so happy I went! My mum was buying things left and right! THINGS FOR ME! >8D HE HE HE HE!!! I got some new underwear from Victoria's Secret and a jacket! I also got a new leopard print fur jacket! When I saw that leopard jacket it scremed Mode gal! AND IT WAS ON FUCKIN SALE FOR 40 bucks! It was originally $89! *0* I nearly died! I wish I could show you picks but I think my mum was getting me those things for christmas so I won't see them again til' saturday T.T

I also hadn't planned on going shopping tomorrow buuuttt I went to a christmas party tonight w/ some close friends and they were all exchanging gifts! I had no idea about this! I felt so spoiled b/c I had gotten so much from them! And mostly b/c they missed me since I started going to school in Chicago. But I feel like a bitch so I'm going to buy some small cute gifts for them as well. I also need to get my man a christmas present! He's always giving me so much and I feel like a terrible girl friend D8. So tomorrow me and my mum are goin on another shopping mission! >83 My next post most likely won't be until christmas so toodles loves! ^.^ oh and have a Merry Christmas! <3

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Excited about gal!

There are times where I'm not feeling to good about myself and I feel like throwing fashion out the window (particulary gal fashion) but then I get inspired. I love the feeling of it. I'll see some coord's that are just bad ass and then I feel like being the fashionista of my dreams! And tonight I just got that feeling all over again! It feels like re-creating yourself in a positive way. I'm literally jumping inside my skin! And what made you feel this way you ask! Weeellll....I happened to be looking up some Mode gyaru pics on tumblr (for those who don't know I'm obsessed and in love w/ that style) and I fell in love! I'm so excited! I'm going to post some pics that got me all shakey inside for gal fashion!

Emoda shop staff in Osaka. They are perfection in my eyes!! *0*

I love all black or mostly black coord's <3

I love her red lip color and her jacket! *0*

Ena Matsumoto. GORGEOUS!

Detsu Korohi (in the middle)

Detsu (on the left) love her make! *0*

Yes I am a Detsu fan! *0*

Momoko Ogihara! So fucking fabulous! ^0^

These vids also made really excited!!! >w< go go Ena!!

MTV INSIDE 松本恵奈 supported by EMODA PART`1

MTV INSIDE 松本恵奈 supported by EMODA PART2

And of course it's not just Mode gal styles that get me excited like this. If I see a hot tutHA coord...I FLIP SHIT!!! >8D lol

Happy and not happy.

First off....YAAAYYY for winter break! time to be lazy...yet not lol

Lately I have become stressed over a few things. Some small some big. Though the first thing to piss me off is blogspot. For some reason it says that I'm not following anyone but when I went to re-follow everyone it said that I am already following them! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! It says I'm follwoing people yet I have nothing in my feed! ggrrrr!!!

Second thing to make me worry even more is my hair! My hair now is so friggin damaged. I really don't why or how it got this bad. I am frantically trying to do everything I can to repair it. -sigh- My parents are thinking it might be something medically wrong w/ me so they are taking me to dermatologist and want me to get a blood test and shit like that. XP To add on top of this stress IM FAT! lol not really but I did gain 15 pounds and I am the heaviest I ever been in my life and I am NOT liking this at all! I need to shed this weight within the next to months!

To be honest my hair might wind up lookin like this...except my hair in the middle will be shorter v.v this style is cute but it's not the style i wish to go for v.v

Though some good things that have happened is that my bf and my roomate got me some cool christmas gifts and I shall treasure them always! ^.^ I'm also somewhat happy for Christmas to be here. I have a feeling I won't getting much presents but I don't really care. And I know thats not what christmas is about but to not have any presents still kinda hurts XP. I might even start eating more veggies! yaya!!! lol I hate vegetables so much but I wanna be healthy and I know that plays apart in my weight issues and my hair issues.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just finished my second final...

I have two more tomorrow sadly. Although one of them I am completely ready for. It's just one of them I'm worried about but I always pull through...sometimes >w< lol I cannot wait til this week is over so I can get back to being lazy! lol but this winter break I'm going to working out ALOT and sewing like crazy! Why sewing you ask!? Because for those who don't already I like to cosplay and I have some things that need to be made! And A.S.A.P!

Also, the trouble between me and boyfriend is no longer there. We have made up to each other and we are back in lovey dovey land! ^3^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tonight turned out differently than I expected.

So in my last post I was kind of stoked to celebrate my bf's birthday but then the drama happened. And it's mostly just between me and bf and my social awkwardness. I knew going to this party that there would be little alone time w/ him and he would want to hang w/ his friends and I totally understand that. But when the first wave of friends came over he didn't even introduce them to me, What did was had them start playing Call Of Duty and tried to introduce us. What male in their right mind would stop stop playing Call Of Duty to say "hi"? So of course it didn't go too well. I just sat there on his computer surfing the web. And being the shy person that I am I won't make the first move. 

Though as time progressed I got to know some of them and they really cool. Then it later all fell apart. As soon as everyone was done eating someone mentioned doing hookah and so everyone agreed on it (except me of course). The one thing I hate is when there's a party the only thing people can think of to do fun is fuckin smoke. LAME. And yes I know hookah isn't a dangerous substance but for those who know me and don't know me....I HATE ANYTHING TO WITH SMOKING. I actually can't stand the scent of hookah. And what made it worse is that my bf went somewhere outside for a while and came back smellin like fuckin weed (or cig's I couldn't really tell). He knows damn well I've talked to him about doin that and then he wants to act like we've never talked about it! Though he did apologize to me and was sorry and I accepted his apology.

Oh and he story gets even better. After he apologized I realized his friends were still in his room smoking and I didn't want to be in there. So his suggestion was that I go in the basement and wait! XD lol wtf. but then I guess he felt bad and wanted to stay down there w/ me. But I didn't want him to do that b/c he would be leaving his guest upstairs and his family might think we're "gettin it on" downstairs! So where did I go you ask? I waited in the upstairs bathroom w/ the door closed and all of them in his room w/ the door closed. I've never felt so isolated. And even if I did suck it and sit in that room w/ them smoking all they aer doing is playing more video games. I myself like games but not the ones he had. So I would of been in there lookin bored as hell. (I am currently still in the bathroom as I am typing this).

-sigh- I really miss my friends back in St. Louis. And I also miss my gal pals. I really do feel like a bitch though. I feel like I'm making him depressed on his birthday b/c I'm not joining in. asdfghjkl;qwertyuicvbnm FFFFFFF Fuck my life. Oh and I HIGHLY doubt we're having 'birthday sex now"....I didn't bring a condom anyway.

me in the bathroom frustrated.

My boyfriend turns 20 today! ^.^ ♥

I cannot wait to eat some of that cake his mom bought lol She got him a transformers cake! Boys will be boys lol But I can't talk b/c when I turned 19 I had a Hello Kitty cake ♥ Anyway....I'm at his house now and his friends are starting to show up.....I only know two of them lol aawwkkkward! >w< I'm so shy when it comes to meeting new people. I wish I wasn't so socially awkward. (though when it comes to meeting gals i'm more open XD lol)

i took those just sitting in his room. I'm also on his computer lol well I guess I can just put on a happy face and pretend that I like them lol lol lol

I'll add pics of the cake later.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OMG! Just saw 2NE1's new vid!

It is soooo cute and creative! They are one of my fav Kpop female groups. Hell they are in my top five! *0* sooo many colors! Eyegasm! <3 <3

New wig on the way! (short post)

So I ordered a new wig from ebay and I'm super excited to get it! I'm ready for a new style and color. It's not too different from what I usually get...mid length with a straight across bang.

This is what it looks like.

The next wig I want looks like this:

I want to get this choker necklace! The closest I can get to a tutuHA choker XD

Sunday, December 5, 2010

International Manba Day!...finally!!

I had meant to post this here a week ago but I posted about it all over my facebook and tumblr so I knida forgot about posting it here. I had gotten dressed up w/ my imouto chan's Yuka and Julie. Julie is a newbie gal but I think she wore it well. ^.^ On our outing we encountered interesting people. But that always happens when me and my friends aren't dressed "normal" lol But over all we had gewd time. Although now that I look back at my looks somewhat banba-ish but whateva! lol

Here are teh piccies...for those who haven't seen them already. fyi PICTURE HEAVY!

                                            ^I've never been to that store before. It's called Love Culture <3

                                                      I took this pic by the wall of that store! So pretty!
                                            It says "culture" in the mirror <3