Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy and not happy.

First off....YAAAYYY for winter break! time to be lazy...yet not lol

Lately I have become stressed over a few things. Some small some big. Though the first thing to piss me off is blogspot. For some reason it says that I'm not following anyone but when I went to re-follow everyone it said that I am already following them! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! It says I'm follwoing people yet I have nothing in my feed! ggrrrr!!!

Second thing to make me worry even more is my hair! My hair now is so friggin damaged. I really don't why or how it got this bad. I am frantically trying to do everything I can to repair it. -sigh- My parents are thinking it might be something medically wrong w/ me so they are taking me to dermatologist and want me to get a blood test and shit like that. XP To add on top of this stress IM FAT! lol not really but I did gain 15 pounds and I am the heaviest I ever been in my life and I am NOT liking this at all! I need to shed this weight within the next to months!

To be honest my hair might wind up lookin like this...except my hair in the middle will be shorter v.v this style is cute but it's not the style i wish to go for v.v

Though some good things that have happened is that my bf and my roomate got me some cool christmas gifts and I shall treasure them always! ^.^ I'm also somewhat happy for Christmas to be here. I have a feeling I won't getting much presents but I don't really care. And I know thats not what christmas is about but to not have any presents still kinda hurts XP. I might even start eating more veggies! yaya!!! lol I hate vegetables so much but I wanna be healthy and I know that plays apart in my weight issues and my hair issues.


  1. Oh that thing blogger, sometimes it does that... you just have to wait a bit then your feed will be back to normal.

    It's hard to stay on top of weight gain, it seems to creep up so easily then takes forever to get it off TT

  2. yeah actually my blogger just fixed itself so now i feel better lol

    it's so much easier to gain weight than to loose it. in my situation atleast. i feel like if i even think about food i gain a pound XD lol

  3. aww sorry to hear that Nami :( That's tough. I'll pray the hair loss is nothing serious. But I think that hairstyle would look real cute on you!

  4. it actually is very seious...well not medically atleast if thats what u meant >w< And thank you. I think that hairstyle would look cute on me's just turning it into gal somehow. I think it can be done though. I've seen it beofre....I just hope I can pull it off.

  5. Mmmm VEGGIES!! Eat alot of them!! And dont forget to take your pill too!! :(
    I worked out 20min straight earlier!! Lets use out winter vacay productively nami bb!!! Good luck!

  6. MOHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ik your mode gal and all but...dude you should totally rock a mohawk with me >:D