Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tonight turned out differently than I expected.

So in my last post I was kind of stoked to celebrate my bf's birthday but then the drama happened. And it's mostly just between me and bf and my social awkwardness. I knew going to this party that there would be little alone time w/ him and he would want to hang w/ his friends and I totally understand that. But when the first wave of friends came over he didn't even introduce them to me, What did was had them start playing Call Of Duty and tried to introduce us. What male in their right mind would stop stop playing Call Of Duty to say "hi"? So of course it didn't go too well. I just sat there on his computer surfing the web. And being the shy person that I am I won't make the first move. 

Though as time progressed I got to know some of them and they really cool. Then it later all fell apart. As soon as everyone was done eating someone mentioned doing hookah and so everyone agreed on it (except me of course). The one thing I hate is when there's a party the only thing people can think of to do fun is fuckin smoke. LAME. And yes I know hookah isn't a dangerous substance but for those who know me and don't know me....I HATE ANYTHING TO WITH SMOKING. I actually can't stand the scent of hookah. And what made it worse is that my bf went somewhere outside for a while and came back smellin like fuckin weed (or cig's I couldn't really tell). He knows damn well I've talked to him about doin that and then he wants to act like we've never talked about it! Though he did apologize to me and was sorry and I accepted his apology.

Oh and he story gets even better. After he apologized I realized his friends were still in his room smoking and I didn't want to be in there. So his suggestion was that I go in the basement and wait! XD lol wtf. but then I guess he felt bad and wanted to stay down there w/ me. But I didn't want him to do that b/c he would be leaving his guest upstairs and his family might think we're "gettin it on" downstairs! So where did I go you ask? I waited in the upstairs bathroom w/ the door closed and all of them in his room w/ the door closed. I've never felt so isolated. And even if I did suck it and sit in that room w/ them smoking all they aer doing is playing more video games. I myself like games but not the ones he had. So I would of been in there lookin bored as hell. (I am currently still in the bathroom as I am typing this).

-sigh- I really miss my friends back in St. Louis. And I also miss my gal pals. I really do feel like a bitch though. I feel like I'm making him depressed on his birthday b/c I'm not joining in. asdfghjkl;qwertyuicvbnm FFFFFFF Fuck my life. Oh and I HIGHLY doubt we're having 'birthday sex now"....I didn't bring a condom anyway.

me in the bathroom frustrated.


  1. LMAO! looking at that last picture i can TELL you are highlyyyy pissed!! im so sorry nami chan!
    like you said earlier---boys will be boys....
    i hate when guys do that though---act retarded derp infront of his guys >0<''

    just let him enjoy the rest of his bday night, and talk about it in the morning

  2. What! Is he 13?!
    Why can`t you just go home and meet when the time is better? Sometimes guys don`t indtroduce girlfrieds to friends, because they expect them to be all "hi bro!" and outgoing with them, but they always should remember to treat you like a lady.. uhhh.. no wonder you`re angry! XD <3333

  3. @Magdalena: I couldn't go home b/c I stay in dorm back in the city and i didn't travel out to see him for nothing aanndd it costs money to do that.. And my real home is back in st.louis.

    Me and my bf talked over everything and got everything out in open so we are cool now and he promises never to do something like this again.