Friday, December 24, 2010

Got some shopping done today! More to do tomorrow!

So I hadn't intentionally meant to go shopping but my mum begged me. Though I'm so happy I went! My mum was buying things left and right! THINGS FOR ME! >8D HE HE HE HE!!! I got some new underwear from Victoria's Secret and a jacket! I also got a new leopard print fur jacket! When I saw that leopard jacket it scremed Mode gal! AND IT WAS ON FUCKIN SALE FOR 40 bucks! It was originally $89! *0* I nearly died! I wish I could show you picks but I think my mum was getting me those things for christmas so I won't see them again til' saturday T.T

I also hadn't planned on going shopping tomorrow buuuttt I went to a christmas party tonight w/ some close friends and they were all exchanging gifts! I had no idea about this! I felt so spoiled b/c I had gotten so much from them! And mostly b/c they missed me since I started going to school in Chicago. But I feel like a bitch so I'm going to buy some small cute gifts for them as well. I also need to get my man a christmas present! He's always giving me so much and I feel like a terrible girl friend D8. So tomorrow me and my mum are goin on another shopping mission! >83 My next post most likely won't be until christmas so toodles loves! ^.^ oh and have a Merry Christmas! <3

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