Friday, May 3, 2013

Fashion taste. Gal and non gal (pic heavy)

So as time goes by people tend to change. For me style wise I have changed a bit...or a lot lol. In the past three years I have been totally engulfed in the onee gyaru look and I love watching it evolve every year. I am still in love with it. Although now I like the idea of tweeking onee a bit to where it fits my personality more.

I feel like there are different types of onee gyaru looks. You have the:
- "really put together, mature, I go to work and make money cuz I'm a bad bitch look,"
- the "mature but sweet and demure, i like and tea and cupcakes look,"
- the "mature with some edginess, I love rock n' roll look,"
- the "I only fuck wit brand names look"
- the "mature but some what experimental cuz I love all kinds of fashion look"
- the "yeah i'm mature but i'm sexy and like to have fun, YOLO til i'm 40 look"

Those are just to name a few. I gave them funny long names like that b/c thats how I view them in my mind lol.

When it comes to me and what I personally like out of oneegyaru is a mixture of all the "styles" I listed above lol. But also my taste in gal fashion or just fashion in general doesn't end at oneegyaru. I have been eyeing a lot of gothic, hime, agejo, hipster, street and Japanese street fashions as well. Whatever floats my motherfucking boat lol.