Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaijaBarbie's First Give Away!

She's a really cool girl w/ a down to earth style! Not to mention that her first give away is awesome and you should join it! And if you don't join it then pray that I will win! LOL XD

Go to her page to find out more details about the giveaway! http://naijabarbieng.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-first-giveaway.html
 This giveaway closes on January 15, 2012. Good luck!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday and my x-mas list!

-sigh- Where to start lol
My black Friday experience was equally good and bad. The good part actually has little to do w/ buying anything. I had went to the midnight openings for Kohl's and Best Buy w/ my mom, brother and my bestie Lori. For some reason my brother was really amped in the car. He was saying things like how he was going to fight everyone to get to the front of the line and that he was gonna do it like how Theseus fought, LMAO. For those who don't know, Theseus is or was a man from Greek mythology and I dunno if this is correct or not but he was half man half god? But eventually went on to live in Olympus w/ the other gods. Now my brother mentioned him only b/c hours before we went to the stores my family had went to see the movie Immortals which was based on the story of Theseus. My brother was just making us laugh our hearts out b/c of how serious he was XD Just that made my night.

The other part that made this adventure fun was that I got the Motley Crue greatest Hits cd for 9 bucks! @0@ I was on cloud nine!! lol

Now on to the part that pissed me off. So my brother has been begging for an Ipodtouch for some months now. Knowing my parents I thought they would of turned him down. But to my surprise my mother goes on and buys it for him (it 150 bucks plus another 30 for insurance!)! I would of been ok w/ this I had gotten something too.  I didn't even ask for much! All I really wanted that night (or morning lol) was the Lady Gaga monster ball tour dvd which was on sale for 16 bucks. My mother looked at it and then put it down and said "maybe later." I was raging in my mind at that point but I didn't let it show. But then I noticed my mom had bought herself a dvd which was 19 bucks! So now I'm thinkin "WTF BITCH! THIS IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE DVD I WANTED!" I really don't understand her logic at all. I kept my cool though b/c I didn't want to cause a scene. Though now little does my mother know she has put herself in a tight spot. I made a plan....and that plan is my christmas list! There are two main things on it that I want. If I get neither I will most certainly black mail her! So you you can buy my brother expensive shit yet I get what? A fleece blanket!? I don't think so! If anything my brother deserves nothing! His grades are atrocious and he hardly does any chores around the house! I wish they would tell me what he has done to deserve such gifts! And yes I know the holiday season's aren't about what gift's you get or how expensive they are but you would think being a good child, doing chores and getting good grades would amount to something. But to reward the bad is not good either. -sigh-  I'm going to just meditate on this b/c I feel like thats the only thing that will calm me. v.v

My X-mas List!
- copic markers
- tablet (for drawing)
- eyeshadow palette
- house shoes
- new snow boots
- Betsey Johnson purse ( I saw some on ebay for reeaalllyy affordable prices! like $40! @0@)

And so far that's all I want but the first two are what I really want! If I get neither I will be really upset. If I get nothing on this list I will kill every living thing around me. lol just kidding! But I will rage like a mad man.
Well anyway I hope some of you had a better black Friday experience! Also tell me about your x-mas list! Or something you really want! ^.^

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The wild side! Bad ass fashion! (very pic heavy)

Lately I have been listening to all my favorite old rock/metal bands from the 70's, 80's, 90's and some 2000's. I have always been a rock and metal fan (and so has my father lol). Some of bands I was listening to were Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, KISS, HIM, Megadeath, Skidrow etc... Just listening to these bands and their songs made realize on why and how I had gotten into rock fashion and style. Especially in middle school I was a little skater kid mad at the world lol.

When high school came around I went towards a more "girly" look but my music taste never changed. And then gal magically appeared before me lol When I first got into gal I was obsessed w/ thought of looking like the girls from EGG or Popteen. But the more I tried to be that way the more I felt unhappy b/c I wasn't really being myself. Then I realized all of the other categories of gal and found rock kei! I shat bricks at that moment! lol lol

Recently I have been head over heels in love w/ the mode style, which I still am. But at times I feel like it's not "rock" enough for me. I mean I don't mind dressing one way or the other. One day I can be totally mode gal and then rock gal the next. I think it would be cool if I could fuse the two some how as well. But instead of all this experimenting I wish to "go back to my roots" sort of speak" lol. I haven't done rock kei in a looooonngg time. And with all this new inspiration that I have I think I can pull it off!

And whats this inspiration that I speak of you say!?! Weellll I have been seeing a lot of rock styles, western though, that have caught my attention and I wish to share w/ you all!

I lost my black lipstick! I'm not a happy camper! ToT 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out with the gals Friday night! (pic heavy)

So the nago sa I'm in (シウガーギャル)had a little mini meet up just to hang out and go eat somewhere. We where short a member though ToT Hopefully at the next meet up we will all be together again ^.^


This is me before I went out w/ the gals. Cam whoring in the bathroom is fun XD

This make style isn't my normal style...heck it's not even my favorite but I was in a rush and it's actually the easiest for me to do. But I think overall it came out alright but god do I need lashes! I had top ones on but you can barely see them! I need some Diamond or Jewerich lashes!! And some bottom lashes!!

Me, Yuka and Jax >w<

Me and Yuka

Kate showing off her stuff <3

Yuka and Jax <3

Me and Jax bored waiting for the food lol

I don't know who's moped that is but I wanted a picture by it lol

All of us togetha!
If you noticed I have on different clothes on before we left out for dinner together. I didn't get dressed up b/c I was on my period and not feeling to well. But when I got to Kate's apartment I saw how spiffy everyone was looking but me! So I Kate let me grab some things from her closet and wear it. The only thing I had on that was mine in these pics was my underwear and my black shirt lol. The leopard jacket, the skirt and the heels were all Kate's! Luckily I could fit some of her clothes. ^0^

This pic was taken from the first meet up. I posted this here b/c I like the puri work on it ^.^

I also took these pics before the meet up on Friday. I didn't even mess w/ these pics! The lighting was weird and my pics came out all angelical looking lol I likes dis. I may have to use the downstairs bathroom for photos more often! >83

Monday, November 7, 2011

About my interview today and a big thank you!

First off I would like to say that I had hit 100 followers...actually a bit past 100. I had planned on thanking everyone and making a big deal out of it. But I never got around to it so I'm making a big deal now lol. I want to thank all my followers old and new for following me! I appreciate it I really do!

(this was my face when I realized how many followers I had lolololol)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick post: New haaaiirrr

So I went to the wig shop today and got a new wiiiggg!! Although I can't really celebrate yet b/c The wig itself looked good on the little mannequin head but was a different story on my actual head. When I put it on I then realized how thin it was. It's the right color and cut BUT it's so thin! I can feel the wefts when I rub down on the hair....I'm afraid of what will happen if the wind blows to hard! Everyone will see the wefts! ToT

The woman working there said it was just super flat now b/c it just came out the pack so I have to give it time to "poof out." So now I'm taking her word for it and I'm gonna wait it out. If it still doesn't look how I want it to then I will add in more wefts to it and back comb the crap out of it XD.

at certain angles it looks nice but I can't always go around tilting my head a certain way to make it look good! v.v

so flaaaaaaat!!! ;A;

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Be-lated Halloween! lol (pic heavy)

I literally had no time to post about my Halloween experience. Over the weekend (Saturday til Tuesday) I was in Chicago b/c my friend Aya was having a Halloween part at his house. That was an awesome night.

I stayed at my boyfriend's house over the weekend and I'm so glad I got to. Having a somewhat long distance relationship is hard enough but knowing the love is still there and going strong I'm so thankful. Love you bebe! <3

I also got to see some good friends that I haven't seen in a while. I even got to hang out w/ my gal pal Tomo! It's been too long! I still miss her even though we saw each other three days ago. Sadly though I couldn't meet up w/ everyone I wanted to b/c of time, money and people being busy w/ school shit ToT But no fear as I shall be back in Chicago in the spring going to school!

Now on to the piccies!

For those of you who don't remember I was Minnie Mouse in a witch costume! >w< It's exactly how I wanted it to look b/c of lack of money but I made it work w/ what I had. I actually really liked how it turned out. I just wish I hadn't forgot my broom stick! ;A;

Me and my boyfriend <3 His mom took this picture of us before we left for the party!

That asian guy in the middle got so drunk XD He drank a whole case of beer by himself! And yet he didn't throw up or pass out!

Blake and Lori

Aurora and Aya

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world cosplay!

We had our own in house dj! Trent was totally in it and shakin his stuff!

Furry and Aya <3 The fur was this girl named Stephanie. She was really nice...and drunk lol

Me and Aurora

Aya and his friend Denora

There were tons more cupcakes than this on that table. I was a happy camper then lol And whats in that yellow bowl was chili and cheese dip for the chips! It was so gooooddd!!!

My good friend Ashley w/ her homie Michael

Ashley again w/ some random guy lol

Ashley's bf Matt (w/ the pony tail and glasses) and Michael. I'm glad they came! I haven't seen them in a while too.

I should of taken a picture of the punch! It was mixed w/ pineapple juice, vodka, and cotton candy vodka! It was sooo freakin delicious! Oh! and there was a brain made out of gummy worms in the punch!

The kigu brigade! ^0^

Aya and Aurora dancing to this poi poi poi song >w< this song is so nasty but so cute lol <3