Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The wild side! Bad ass fashion! (very pic heavy)

Lately I have been listening to all my favorite old rock/metal bands from the 70's, 80's, 90's and some 2000's. I have always been a rock and metal fan (and so has my father lol). Some of bands I was listening to were Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, KISS, HIM, Megadeath, Skidrow etc... Just listening to these bands and their songs made realize on why and how I had gotten into rock fashion and style. Especially in middle school I was a little skater kid mad at the world lol.

When high school came around I went towards a more "girly" look but my music taste never changed. And then gal magically appeared before me lol When I first got into gal I was obsessed w/ thought of looking like the girls from EGG or Popteen. But the more I tried to be that way the more I felt unhappy b/c I wasn't really being myself. Then I realized all of the other categories of gal and found rock kei! I shat bricks at that moment! lol lol

Recently I have been head over heels in love w/ the mode style, which I still am. But at times I feel like it's not "rock" enough for me. I mean I don't mind dressing one way or the other. One day I can be totally mode gal and then rock gal the next. I think it would be cool if I could fuse the two some how as well. But instead of all this experimenting I wish to "go back to my roots" sort of speak" lol. I haven't done rock kei in a looooonngg time. And with all this new inspiration that I have I think I can pull it off!

And whats this inspiration that I speak of you say!?! Weellll I have been seeing a lot of rock styles, western though, that have caught my attention and I wish to share w/ you all!

I lost my black lipstick! I'm not a happy camper! ToT 

Gaga looks like a Mötley Crüe groupie here! I friggin love it! lol If I could dress like this everyday I would! XD lol

both of these coord's are sex on a beach! <3

I'm in love w/ this girl and her style...and her haaaiiirrr!! *0*

There's also this clothing line called Toxic Vision which has peaked my interest as well. Everything about that clothing line is bad ass! lol

This woman here is actually the designer of this line!(i think lol)

you can check out the etsy shop here:
you can also check out the tumblr here:
Now her stuff is kinda on the expensive side...well at least for me it is lol but one day I am gonna save up and buy a few things from her!

I also have some rock kei gal pics that inspire me as well! I'm trying to find a way to blend the western rock style w/ the Japanese rock style!

love everything about thiiisss!!!

the gal that's on my header! ^.^

I dunno what it is but this style makes my heart skip a beat! I just love it! Though I can see the differences between the western version of style to the gal version. I think the gals have found a way to keep the look sexy and cute at the same time.  The "whole innocent but not" look lol. I think one of the main things that's keeping me from looking the way I want is my lack of wardrobe. I feel like I have a closet full of nothing. A bunch of close that come no where close to my ideal style. And then that's where money comes in >w< I NEEDS MORE MONIES!! ToT hopefully when black friday comes I will have better luck finding things! I just love a sale lol ^.^ And now I leave w/ one of my favorite Motley Crue songs! "Kickstart My Heart" ^0^


  1. Interesting post ! I personally prefer the gal version too, because they're not taking it too far ~ I love the mix of cuteness and goth fashion at the same time !

  2. I love all the photos, its a great inspiration post. I feel like I've lost alot of my whimsy and edge recently. I'm trying to still get ahold of otona styles but keep the cool/sexy edge.

  3. God I wish I could rock those coords so bad but I hate always being a broke ass D: or saving up for other stuff.

  4. @Tommy: there are some western rock fashions that aren't as extreme as the ones I posted. But I'm all about looking sexy and bad ass but if I can be cute too then I'm willing to do it aaallll!!! lol

    @Sara Mari: I feel the same about myself. I feel like I'm losing my edge. Hell I'm still trying to grasp what my everyday style would be ya' know. I'm questioning a lot of things right now. >w<

    @CrystallyzeD: I dunno how many job applications I've sent out and I still don't hear back from any of them. It's rough out here man lol But I know we can make it! >8D I am determined! lol

  5. I love both versions. I think just going with what you like (say you may be into lace and studs, or spikes and fishnets) just run with it. It's good to study fashion, but it's still just inspiration. Take these pics and make a coord that reminds you of em. Just my 2 cants..haha.

    Great post!