Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out with the gals Friday night! (pic heavy)

So the nago sa I'm in (シウガーギャル)had a little mini meet up just to hang out and go eat somewhere. We where short a member though ToT Hopefully at the next meet up we will all be together again ^.^


This is me before I went out w/ the gals. Cam whoring in the bathroom is fun XD

This make style isn't my normal style...heck it's not even my favorite but I was in a rush and it's actually the easiest for me to do. But I think overall it came out alright but god do I need lashes! I had top ones on but you can barely see them! I need some Diamond or Jewerich lashes!! And some bottom lashes!!

Me, Yuka and Jax >w<

Me and Yuka

Kate showing off her stuff <3

Yuka and Jax <3

Me and Jax bored waiting for the food lol

I don't know who's moped that is but I wanted a picture by it lol

All of us togetha!
If you noticed I have on different clothes on before we left out for dinner together. I didn't get dressed up b/c I was on my period and not feeling to well. But when I got to Kate's apartment I saw how spiffy everyone was looking but me! So I Kate let me grab some things from her closet and wear it. The only thing I had on that was mine in these pics was my underwear and my black shirt lol. The leopard jacket, the skirt and the heels were all Kate's! Luckily I could fit some of her clothes. ^0^

This pic was taken from the first meet up. I posted this here b/c I like the puri work on it ^.^

I also took these pics before the meet up on Friday. I didn't even mess w/ these pics! The lighting was weird and my pics came out all angelical looking lol I likes dis. I may have to use the downstairs bathroom for photos more often! >83


  1. I like this makeup on you! And It looks like you all had a great time<3 Random Moped Picture TIMEZ LOL

  2. Im down with what Lolo said. I really do think this makeup suits you. You can add bottom lashes but you could def go without.

  3. Awwwssss Aint we cute <3
    And I like ur new wig... it don't look bulky and fake. It has a light, natural quality to it ^_^