Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday and my x-mas list!

-sigh- Where to start lol
My black Friday experience was equally good and bad. The good part actually has little to do w/ buying anything. I had went to the midnight openings for Kohl's and Best Buy w/ my mom, brother and my bestie Lori. For some reason my brother was really amped in the car. He was saying things like how he was going to fight everyone to get to the front of the line and that he was gonna do it like how Theseus fought, LMAO. For those who don't know, Theseus is or was a man from Greek mythology and I dunno if this is correct or not but he was half man half god? But eventually went on to live in Olympus w/ the other gods. Now my brother mentioned him only b/c hours before we went to the stores my family had went to see the movie Immortals which was based on the story of Theseus. My brother was just making us laugh our hearts out b/c of how serious he was XD Just that made my night.

The other part that made this adventure fun was that I got the Motley Crue greatest Hits cd for 9 bucks! @0@ I was on cloud nine!! lol

Now on to the part that pissed me off. So my brother has been begging for an Ipodtouch for some months now. Knowing my parents I thought they would of turned him down. But to my surprise my mother goes on and buys it for him (it 150 bucks plus another 30 for insurance!)! I would of been ok w/ this I had gotten something too.  I didn't even ask for much! All I really wanted that night (or morning lol) was the Lady Gaga monster ball tour dvd which was on sale for 16 bucks. My mother looked at it and then put it down and said "maybe later." I was raging in my mind at that point but I didn't let it show. But then I noticed my mom had bought herself a dvd which was 19 bucks! So now I'm thinkin "WTF BITCH! THIS IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE DVD I WANTED!" I really don't understand her logic at all. I kept my cool though b/c I didn't want to cause a scene. Though now little does my mother know she has put herself in a tight spot. I made a plan....and that plan is my christmas list! There are two main things on it that I want. If I get neither I will most certainly black mail her! So you you can buy my brother expensive shit yet I get what? A fleece blanket!? I don't think so! If anything my brother deserves nothing! His grades are atrocious and he hardly does any chores around the house! I wish they would tell me what he has done to deserve such gifts! And yes I know the holiday season's aren't about what gift's you get or how expensive they are but you would think being a good child, doing chores and getting good grades would amount to something. But to reward the bad is not good either. -sigh-  I'm going to just meditate on this b/c I feel like thats the only thing that will calm me. v.v

My X-mas List!
- copic markers
- tablet (for drawing)
- eyeshadow palette
- house shoes
- new snow boots
- Betsey Johnson purse ( I saw some on ebay for reeaalllyy affordable prices! like $40! @0@)

And so far that's all I want but the first two are what I really want! If I get neither I will be really upset. If I get nothing on this list I will kill every living thing around me. lol just kidding! But I will rage like a mad man.
Well anyway I hope some of you had a better black Friday experience! Also tell me about your x-mas list! Or something you really want! ^.^


  1. LOL NAMI SUCH ANGER. I FELT IT THROUGH THIS POST XDDDDDD fuck yah black friday! thats bs you didnt get rady gaga dvd v.v

    hmm for xmas? i forgot what i wanted....think ill make a blog post about that shit too *[]*

  2. I was not willing to face the wrath of shoppers this Black Friday so I just went to the movies ><
    Join my giveaway?

  3. damn nami, a blanket ?
    i do hope you get the things you want though!
    i have no idea what i want for Christmas yet.

  4. LOL, omg sweetheart I'm in the SAME situation! My brother is lazy and never does anything yet I do soo much around the house and I get nothing. (#>___<) It bums me out. I really do hope you get something from your wishlist though! n_n <3