Monday, November 7, 2011

About my interview today and a big thank you!

First off I would like to say that I had hit 100 followers...actually a bit past 100. I had planned on thanking everyone and making a big deal out of it. But I never got around to it so I'm making a big deal now lol. I want to thank all my followers old and new for following me! I appreciate it I really do!

(this was my face when I realized how many followers I had lolololol)

Ok now on to the personal boring stuff lol. I had an interview today w/ Build-A-Bear. For those who don't know Build-A-Bear is an American retailer that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals. It is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri! Meaning the creator of Build-A-Bear is from St. Louis and the world headquarters is based here. Not a lot of people knew that. You can check out their website here: 

My interview was a position for "guest relations" or "public relations" so if I get the job I won't be in the stores at the mall but at a desk at the headquarters! I would feel so important! lol >w<

I feel that my interview went well. The woman I spoke w/ seemed to like me and we talked about a lot of things. I wasn't nervous speaking her and I made sure I didn't say anything stupid >w<. But what I think will count against me is the survey I took. Before I even spoke w/ my interviewer they had me take a survey. Questions about customer service and drug testing and things of that nature. I personally felt I answered them truthfully but some of my answers came off as questionable to them. I felt some of the answers were trick questions and I would only have a choice between 'yes' or 'no'. 

One of the questions were... "If you could get around the law without breaking it would you do it?" 'yes' or 'no'.....Now I stared really long at this question. I finally answered and I said yes! Come to find out from my interviewer I was supposed to say no b/c she put it as "Would you steal from the store if you could get away w/ it?"...I'm sitting here like "OF COURSE NOT!" To me thats not what the question said! And if we were to relate the question to retail then if I did something that wasn't against the rules of the store how is that bad?? Someone please explain that to me! If I did something to get around the law that didn't break the law how is that bad? No one is hurt! I mean I would never steal....just.....uuuggghhh!! If they wanted to ask me a question where they wanted to trust my honesty then they should of worded it as so. >8( 

But hopefully from talking it over w/ my interviewer she saw that I was genuine and I'm not a thief! But watch this shit count against me and I not get the job. But I also think I'm a little under qualified too. I'm trying to not think so negatively about the whole situation but I feel like I'm at a loss w/ this one. Though she did say I should receive a call by Friday and if I don't not to panic and just e-mail her. I think why this sketchy to me is that she also said her higher up supervisor said it was ok to interview people but not hire anyone yet. She has to get an ok from those people before she can hire anyone! Now what if they change their mind and not hire anyone!? ;A;  jgfktdltfgvljgl,uyghvffhgdxhtrytfvo8vyftd

I think I'm just gonna continue my job search and fill out other applications. And now I know that if I take a survey again to answer the questions EXACTLY what they want to hear. v.v


  1. you ALWAYS have to bs those answers girl! i do it all the time. the one thing i hate is when you come across the same question. five times. worded differently. HATE IT SO MUCH!!!

    but good luck! and keep fillin stuff out.

  2. @Lisha: I realize that now ToT oh poo poo. On to the next place I guess lol Luckily I didn't have any repeating questions but I did when I filled out a application for Target.