Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick post: New haaaiirrr

So I went to the wig shop today and got a new wiiiggg!! Although I can't really celebrate yet b/c The wig itself looked good on the little mannequin head but was a different story on my actual head. When I put it on I then realized how thin it was. It's the right color and cut BUT it's so thin! I can feel the wefts when I rub down on the hair....I'm afraid of what will happen if the wind blows to hard! Everyone will see the wefts! ToT

The woman working there said it was just super flat now b/c it just came out the pack so I have to give it time to "poof out." So now I'm taking her word for it and I'm gonna wait it out. If it still doesn't look how I want it to then I will add in more wefts to it and back comb the crap out of it XD.

at certain angles it looks nice but I can't always go around tilting my head a certain way to make it look good! v.v

so flaaaaaaat!!! ;A;


  1. Im sure once you wear it out and stuff it wont be so flat! It's just like getting your hair relaxed, it becomes super flat and after a few days it becomes very pretty!

  2. @Banny: I sure hope so >w< -crosses fingers-