Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where have you been?

Hey hey everyone!

Sooooo yeah I haven't posted here in a long time. I have been going through a lot of ups and down's with my life. It's very unstable and I'm trying to get my feet planted on the ground and get my head right. Right now I feel like I'm rising out of the ashes of the old me. I'm just trying to better myself and this process isn't an easy one. Change is hard sometimes, especially if you've been a certain way for years. Small steps are what I'm taking. With that said, I don't plan on getting rid of this blog. Just be patient with me and I'll be more open with sharing my life here. I know most have abandoned blogspot but I'm not ready to let go just yet. So be on the look out for new posts in the future! I love all my followers and appreciate you for being here! ^.^
Peace out girl scouts! Love and light <3