Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Be-lated Halloween! lol (pic heavy)

I literally had no time to post about my Halloween experience. Over the weekend (Saturday til Tuesday) I was in Chicago b/c my friend Aya was having a Halloween part at his house. That was an awesome night.

I stayed at my boyfriend's house over the weekend and I'm so glad I got to. Having a somewhat long distance relationship is hard enough but knowing the love is still there and going strong I'm so thankful. Love you bebe! <3

I also got to see some good friends that I haven't seen in a while. I even got to hang out w/ my gal pal Tomo! It's been too long! I still miss her even though we saw each other three days ago. Sadly though I couldn't meet up w/ everyone I wanted to b/c of time, money and people being busy w/ school shit ToT But no fear as I shall be back in Chicago in the spring going to school!

Now on to the piccies!

For those of you who don't remember I was Minnie Mouse in a witch costume! >w< It's exactly how I wanted it to look b/c of lack of money but I made it work w/ what I had. I actually really liked how it turned out. I just wish I hadn't forgot my broom stick! ;A;

Me and my boyfriend <3 His mom took this picture of us before we left for the party!

That asian guy in the middle got so drunk XD He drank a whole case of beer by himself! And yet he didn't throw up or pass out!

Blake and Lori

Aurora and Aya

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world cosplay!

We had our own in house dj! Trent was totally in it and shakin his stuff!

Furry and Aya <3 The fur was this girl named Stephanie. She was really nice...and drunk lol

Me and Aurora

Aya and his friend Denora

There were tons more cupcakes than this on that table. I was a happy camper then lol And whats in that yellow bowl was chili and cheese dip for the chips! It was so gooooddd!!!

My good friend Ashley w/ her homie Michael

Ashley again w/ some random guy lol

Ashley's bf Matt (w/ the pony tail and glasses) and Michael. I'm glad they came! I haven't seen them in a while too.

I should of taken a picture of the punch! It was mixed w/ pineapple juice, vodka, and cotton candy vodka! It was sooo freakin delicious! Oh! and there was a brain made out of gummy worms in the punch!

The kigu brigade! ^0^

Aya and Aurora dancing to this poi poi poi song >w< this song is so nasty but so cute lol <3


  1. Dawww, the furry costume is really cute.

  2. Awh lovin' the halloween pics! Looks as if you had a lot of fun ^^

  3. That's so great you could go to a fun house party on Halloween! And complete with a DJ haha. I think your costumes looks very cute too^^