Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm in love w/ ebay right now (mini post)

So I have been on this search for really nice false eyelashes w/ out having to spend a lot of money on them. About 5 or 6 months ago a gal friend of mine offered me to order eyelashes w/ her off of ebay. I was skeptical because I didn't know what to expect of the quality of lashes and how much it would cost. I was totally wrong in my thinking after I found out the price. I only paid a dollar to two dollars for them and they were thick, long, and beautiful. I was so impressed. I am most definitely getting a haul of them this summer! And to be honest I'd rather have those from ebay than to have 14 to 15 dollar Dolly Wink's any day. I know some people want a particular brand to give support to that company and/or they just like saying "look! I haz Dolly Wink's! I'm cool right!?" There's nothing wrong w/ either of those but I feel something as frivolous as false eyelashes costing that much is ridiculous. Those things cost more than or about the same as my foundation :/ But anyways I'm not hating on Dolly Wink's (well maybe a little lol) I'm just saying there's other options out there that won't burn a hole in your wallet. Especially for new girls getting into gal they won't feel pressured to have "burando" everything.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keeps me up at night

Every time I try and go to sleep something on the internet catches my attention or creative ideas come to mind. For this night I was mostly studying for a test (summer class). But I also downloaded the new 2NE1 mv "I am The Best". Those girls killed it! and they looked fabulous!

2NE1 - I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘나가) [HD]

Also if you haven't noticed lol I changed my background (again). I really like skulls lol. I had made the background w/ photoshop. I'm not the greatest graphic designer...hell I'm not even a graphic designer, I'm a character illustrator but I think I like how it came out. I got my idea from a Betsey Johnson bag! A bag in which I intend to own. >8D

I tried to make it similar but not too much. 

I want to get this for my birthday! *0*

ok well...I'm gonna stop procrastinating on sleep XD ttyl! <3

Falling through :(

I was super excited for the gay pride fest but unfortunately things didn't turn out how I would of liked it. It all started when I went to my friend Rora's house to see if she and my bestie wanted to go. But my bestie (Lori) had to work so she couldn't go. Rora decided she didn't want to go because she wasn't feeling up to it (a.k.a laazzy!). So knowing those two couldn't go I was questioning if I still wanted to go. Usually I don't like going to big gatherings alone. But I knew that i was supposed to be meeting some there so I got the courage to just go alone. As I got there I realized I didn't have those people's number who I was supposed to meet!  Though they did have mine and yet they never contacted me. :(  So I just walked around a bit to see if I would run into anyone I knew. I didn't see anyone familiar and I looked like a lost puppy. So instead of having a good time and laughing like everyone else I was pissed and sad as fuck so I left. After I posted about my bad experience on facebook a whole lot f people said "I was there! You should of met up w/ me!" or "You should of called me! I would of went w/ you!" This pissed me off even more because I posted about going to this a week before and not one of them told me they were going or wanted to go! How the hell was I supposed to know you were free? And how the fuck am I supposed to find you in a crowd of 3,000+ w/ out your number!? >8O gggrrrrrr!!! 

I cooled down a bit and just told myself to be ready for next yr w/ a definite plan. Though out of all of this the only thing that made me somewhat happy was having some gay men come up to me and tell me they thought I was pretty or they liked my eyes. :) What lovely people.

These pics were originally for International Gyaru Day but I was late on it so I'm posting them now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy be-lated international gyaru day! also..have pride!

I was really upset b/c some plans of mine didn't go through yesterday so I didn't participate in international gyaru day yesterday. Although today is a new day and I plan on taking new pics for the be-lated event!

About the pride thing I'm sure most of you might know that New passed a law/bill that allows same-seB marrriage! I'm positively sure they are livin it up in New york right now and all over the U.S. Alllsssooo....In St.louis they have a two day pride fest! It starts on Saturday (which was yesterday) and Sunday. The pride parade is happening on Sunday at noon. That is where I will be! Last year I missed the parade and almost passed out from the heat ;A; But this year I will be prepared and I can't wait to see my friends there as well! ^.^

They lit up the Empire State building for the occasion as well! I thought this was super cute!

But not only should we have gay pride but recognize others as well such as the bi-sexual and pan-sexual crowd! And little did I know there was a flag for each! @.@

this the flag for bi pride
The deep pink or rose stripe at the top of the flag represents the possibility of same gender attraction; the royal blue stripe at the bottom of the flag represents the possibility of different gender attraction and the stripes overlap in the central fifth of the flag to form a deep shade of lavender or purple, which represents the possibility of attraction anywhere along the entire gender spectrum.

this is the flag for pan sexual pride
The pansexual pride flag has a pink stripe at the top for the female spectrum, a blue one on the bottom for the male spectrum, and a yellow one in the middle to represent non-binary attraction.

Monday, June 20, 2011

B-ギャル days (pic heavy)

Another gal friend of mine, Chaudalyn, had started a topic about b-gyaru and the style itself. She got me thinking about it and I feel like the style isn't represented enough. Meaning I don't see too many western gals doing it ( I know like maybe 4 or 5 that do). I'm not saying I'm switching my style up but I thought I'd do this for today. And cam whored away! lol <3 

Spiritual Enlightenment!? (lengthy)

For a long time I have been struggling to understand myself and the world we live in. Questions like "what is the meaning of life?" "Why am I here?" "What are spirits?" "Am I on the right path?" and so on would constantly come to mind and sometimes they were in fact answered but that doesn't mean I understood that! I feel like the answers are just questions themselves. I've come to terms with not knowing everything and letting life run it's course. Most would tell me to go to church or something like that (specifically a Christian church). I did that most of my whole life. Went to church, joined a prayer and youth group...the whole shabam (even went to a few Catholic schools)! And yet I'm still left with this sort of emptiness. For a while I have just been living my life w/ out the church and unconnected to it but I kept the belief, the belief in God.

Recently I have stumbled upon something, something that may shock others or might be just as normal. I recently found the religion Wicca! Now for those of you that don't know what Wicca is (or you think you know what it is) here's a simple/quick definition of it:

Wicca is a Neopagan religion. Its adherents are referred to as Wiccans, though the terms Witches or Crafters are also used. Developing in England in the first half of the 20th century, Wicca was popularised in the 1950s and early 1960s by a Wiccan High Priest named Gerald Gardner, who at the time called it the "witch cult" and "witchcraft," and its adherents "the Wica." From the 1960s onward, the name of the religion was normalised to "Wicca." Wicca is typically a duotheistic religion, worshipping a goddess and a god. Wiccan beliefs vary markedly between different traditions and individual practitioners. However, various commonalities exist between these disparate groups, which usually include views on theology, the afterlife, magic and morality. This however makes Wicca somewhat difficult to explain b/c there are many denominations and personal beliefs in it. But I think thats what makes is so interesting in the first place. (part of this definition was taken from wikipedia)
I feel that to get a better understanding is to do research on your own and that can be as simple as watching a vid on youtube or going to a Barnes & Noble bookstore (any bookstore or library).

First and foremost people who practice Wicca DO NOT worship the devil/satan. Wiccans do not even believe that the deity Satan exists. Satan represents total evil to most Christians who follow the Christian pantheon, and Wiccans do not believe in "good" or "evil"...  only in neutrality.

Now with all this said I have in no way converted over to Wiccanism. I simply stumbled upon a religion/practice that got my attention. Although the more I research the more I'm liking what I'm reading. The thought of finding and understanding your spirit and soul and being content w/ life is what attracts me to it. And I'm not gonna lie but the thought and act of casting spells and doing ceremonial rituals also got my attention. I've also been very interested in learning about gods and goddesses. I remember when I was young I had created an altar where I pretend worship a goddess. I wasn't the only one, I had other little friends of mine doing the same thing and it was for fun. We would ask the goddess to make us princesses and things like that. Looking back on it now...I think I was on to something. To be truthfully honest I always thought there was goddess if there a god but I never questioned it b/c I didn't want to get ostracized by my parents and get sent to Jesus camp XP. The more I study up on Wicca the more I see it as a beautiful enlightenment and very peaceful. I even found some African Americans that par-take in it as well (it's not just a "white" thing). If I do wind up converting over to this I most likely wouldn't tell anyone (except my best friend Lori who already is thinking about this too) and it won't be posted on here....maybe not until I felt comfortable enough too. Soooooo I hope I didn't scare any one off w/ this >w< I just had to get this out.

Here are some pics of goddesses that I find interesting

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealthprosperity (both material and spiritual), lightwisdomfortunefertilitygenerosity and courage; and the embodiment of beautygrace and charm.

Oshun in the Yoruba religion, is an Orisha (deity) who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, fresh water (rivers) and diplomacy. She is worshipped also in Brazilian Candomblé Ketu, with the name spelled Oxum.

Kwan Yin is regarded as an emanation of The Amitabha Buddha and as anembodiment of compassion, the quality which Amitabha himself embodies in the highest sense. (She is also as the mother goddess of China)

Here's a pic of an altar someone created for Oshun (I found this pic on tumblr. It belonged to the original poster as well)

Altars can be as simple and sweet as this or very over the top. Altars are usually for holding ceremonial rituals, daily rituals, offerings for the goddess or god or a place for meditation and prayer.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party plans foiled!?

One of the things I was really excited for this summer was seeing Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Zedd in concert in July. Like I was super pumped and inviting people to come and shit. But now...things have changed. The fuckin concert is SOLD OUT! When I read that on the website of the venue I just stared at it, hoping it would change lol. This shit would happen to me! A friend of mine said I should still go and see if anyone is selling theirs. That friend I guess is going around asking people b/c he's determined to go as well. To be honest even if I don't get a ticket I would still go to the venue in hopes of catching a glimpse of the dj's >w< maybe even get a pic w/ them but I will stay optimistic. *crosses fingers*

Now there is also another concert happening in July and it's w/ the group The Glitch Mob! They are going to be here on the 4th of July. It would be a really great way to spend my fourth (I have one of their songs on my music playlist here). I'm still excited for this but the only problem I have w/ this is that the venue is about 31 minutes away from where I live and my car isn't that reliable =.= I mean I could try and make the drive but I would be constantly worried it would just give out me! I also need a tire change b/c one of the wheels leaks air.

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Porter Robinson - Say My Name (Original Mix)

The cool thing about this kid is that he's only 18 and makes sick ass beats! ^0^

Zedd - The Anthem (original mix)

Zedd also made a remix of "Marry The Night" by Lady Gaga. His remix is on her deluxe album as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The happenings

Sorry for my inconsistent posting. The internet connection at home is not good at all. Sometimes it works and other times like yesterday it decided to shut off completely :( I'm at the community college near my home writing this. But other than this a lot has happened to over the weekend that I wanted to post about. I'm still going to but not as in depth as I planned. I feel behind on posts so I don't want to straggle along w/ a topic that happened a week or two ago.

Last weekend was my good friend Jayla's 21st birthday. She kept it somewhat intimate w/ only a few friends. Or should I say the friends that still cared or stayed around. Annnyywaayyy...Her mom gave her 200 bucks to have spending spree at the sushi restaurant. She basically paid for everyone to eat to their hearts content! I've never had so much sushi in my life! It was soooooo good! I had taken really nice pics of all the food w/ my phone but thats where I made the mistake. My phone for whatever reason will not send the pics to my computer! So lets just all imagine delicious food lol.

My friends b-day wasn't the only one that was celebrated recently. My father's birthday was on Monday and we also celebrated that. We got him a huge cookie cake, some clothes and we all went to the movies to see X-men: First Class (we as in me and my mom. my bro would of went but he was out of town so he just called in). So we had a nice little family bonding time...for a while lol My family doesn't know how to go on w/ out arguing about something for ten minutes. The X-men movie I have to say was awesome-tastic! I mean I knew it would be lol. Honestly that movie had some fine ass men >8D 

James McAvoy as Professor X
He was so cute and sexy. Damn he is fiiiinnee!! 

Michael Fassbender as Magneto
This charming mother fucker! I wanted to be his wifey so hard ToT

                                                           Álex González as Riptide

And then this eye candy. May the lord forgive me for I have siiiinned! lol
I just wanna eat him up! Oh gawd every time I look at this pic I get chills!

But yeah this is my post for today xD lol ttyl!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer time fun

This summer I had planned on hanging w/ some friends here in St.louis which I still plan on doing.  But I don't wanna forget about my friends in Chicago! So I'm gonna go back there in the summer! I also wanted to go back and see my man! We hate being apart from each other for long periods of time ;3;

Some gal friends of mine are hosting a midwest gal meet up in Chicago in July and I sooo plan on going to that! I'm gonna try and brings some gals from St.louis w/ me! If you are close you should totally come!

This is also a good date for me b/c it's after my summer classes! Wooooo! I think I will pierce my tummy while I'm there as well. >8D

I know this is off topic but could Sara Mari get any more gorgeous!!!! *0*

daaayyyuuum she's soooo beautious! *0* (fan girl mode is on!)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life so far

 So I just want everyone to know that I am back home in St.louis from Chicago.  I have been back for at last two weeks now.  I have had some major difficulties w/ internet connection here at my home.  That was due to my dad switching to a different internet service and new modum.  I don't why he did that b/c this connection sucks more than it did before.  I can live  w/ out my cell phone for a while but no internet is like death for me lol.  Luckily its working...for now.

To start off I am going to be taking summer classes while I'm home to knock a few credits out the way.  I had my first day of classes today.  I had one class in the morning and one in the evening.  I have two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they are American History II and Introduction to Sociology.  Both classes so far seem ok but they are reading intensive.  To be honest I'd rather do a lot of reading than writing a bunch of research papers.  I'm going to try and get A's or B's in both classes, I want my GPA to go up.  I know for a fact when I get back to Chicago for the fall semester I gotta be a beast at everything b/c of my poor doing during the spring semester.  I really hate myself for doing bad b/c it doesn't look good on me and I know I can do better! No more playing around!  I'm gonna have fun but I'm also gonna get shit done! Wish me luck! >w<

Lately dealing w/ school, money, work, internet connection, and family problems I have had little time to work on my personal gal style.  I haven't been feeling that "gal feeling" and it upsets the crap out of me b/c it's what I want.  I want my look to be distinctively me yet gal.  I'm still working on collecting certain pieces for my wardrobe and there's so much that I want but I need to categorize most of it.  Either I start w/ accessories, clothes, shoes, or make up I need to decide.  I feel like if I try to obtain all of these at the same time my brain starts to scramble.  Maybe I will try and obtain some of these things by getting them in pairs.....I need to make a list >w< For those who don't know the look I'm trying to go for is a mix of mode gal and rock kei.  I really like the sophistication and beauty of mode but I also love the ruggedness and edge of the rock look.  Before gal even came into my life I've always had a little rock or punk influence in my clothing but I left that for something more feminine.  But the more I go on in this fashion I wish to incorporate the rock/dark look into the mode gal style.  I've seen some pics of models kind of doing it but I feel it's not really done.  

I have a collection of gal style pics I like and non gal style inspo:

(non gal inspo)

(my gal inspo)

I know for a fact though I will be getting a new eyeshadow palette!  The one I really want to get is from this brand called Sedona Lace.  The palette I want from them is a 168 color palette and it is gorgeous! A must have! Here's the website

Also this summer I know I have stated it before but I'm taking this whole weight loss issue very seriously now.  I'm tired of wishing and hoping to be fit and I'm gonna make that into a reality for myself.  Along with the self improvement I'm going to be adding something to my body as well.  A belly button piercing!  I've wanted one for so long and now I feel it's time! >8D lol  I plan on getting it sometime in July after my summer classes end.  I can't to go jewelry shopping for it! *0* I'm gonna hit up body art forms website to hard >83