Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I know I haven't posted in a while...

But that will soon change! I did the international manba day w/ two of friends and I have pics and a vid to show you all how it went! >w< Also I should let some of you in on that my laptop is going through surgery now and thats why I haven't been posting much. I'm currently using my roomates comp. she's so kind to let my bum on her comp lol luv u Tomo! <3

Friday, November 19, 2010

Procrastination at it's best.

Instead of working on a project thats semi due today I decided to color in some gal pixels and listen to some Linkin Park songs from the Meteora album >w<

the last one is of me and my boyfriend! <3

Friday, November 12, 2010

The "Nago sa" I'm in.

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be in nago sa for our area. At first I was hesistant b/c I've been in a situation where the sa was inactive w/out notice! And it's starting to feel like that again. But I don't necessarily want it to end b/c I love the gals in it. It's only four of us but we are kinda like family. I understand we are all busy and have important things to deal with. HeIl I live 5 hours away from them b/c of school. But I feel we could at least have a group chat or update the webpage. And I know some of you may think "Why are you posting this here and not talking w/ them?".....well...I've tried. I'll keep trying b/c I love our little group. We were cute if I do say so myself >w< lol <3

Also for those trying to guess what nago sa I'm speaking of is called CHANCE and we are based in the St.louis, Missouri area. And the members include me, Anne (Ami), Yuka, and Kate

here's some piccies of us:

                  Anne, me, and Yuka

    All of us: Anne, Kate, me, and Yuka

me, Yuka, Kate, and Julie (Julie is a good friend of ours. we are trying to convert her to gal)

                       Me & Yuka

    Me, Anne, and Yuka

Here's a link to our webpage! 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

ギヤル meme

Location: Chicago (originally from St.louis)
Occupation: student and broke
Height: 5'3
Hair/Eyes: dark brown/ greeeeeeeeen

First discovery of gyaru: It was through anime that I found Japanese music and through the music I found the fashion. Out of all the subfashions I saw gyaru stuck out the most to me

Your Gyaru Style: (however many you like)
- Mode
- girly rokku (sometimes...I wish to do this more often)

Your Top 5 Gyaru Model Inspirations:
                       Maya Mori
                                                  Shizuka Takeda
                         Momoko Ogihara
                      Ena Matsumoto
                                     Nonoka Iwata

Your Top 5 Gyaru Non-model Inspirations:
(I don't wanna put there pics up b/c I don't wanna come off as a creeper >w<)
- Catz
- Janis Macutay
- Sara Mari
- Mitsu

Your 4 Favorite Gyaru Magazines:

- Happie Nuts
- Blenda
- Egg
The Top 6 Gyaru Brands you like best:
- Gilfy

- tutuHA
- d.i.a.
- Murua
- Emoda
- Forever21 >8D
5 of Your Favorite Coordinates: (not your own)



Your 7 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:
- black and gray skinny jeans

- black fedora
- lacey stockings
- black usamimi
- skull sweater dress
- red patenleather kitten heels
- black heel boots
Top 10 Gyaru Fashion Goals:
- make my closet more Mode gal friendly

- make my closet more girly rokku friendly (lol)
- get more heels/boots
- always be flashy even if I have on "lazy wear"
- improve my eye make
- wear less "lazy wear"
(can't think of anything else at the moment)
Top 5 Gyaru Achievements:
- i have improved my eye make since I first started gal
- became a tad bit more active in the online gaijin gyaru communities (though i don't find that too important)
- improved my fashion sense
- improved my self esteem
- made gal friends

I took my weave out! lol

At first I wasn't really trying to but then I realised that it's been a while since I washed my hair. So I just peeled it off and hopped in the shower. My head and hair feel so much better now. Though what I have to figure out now is what kind of hairstyle I'm going to do. Maybe I'll just throw on a wig today and style it some other time >w<.

For those that don't know, I'm on this long and hard journey pf growing my hair back. For some reason my hair seems to grow slower than normal. It may be due to my diet and not getting enough vitamins. But thats only guess though I will start taking more. My mom had gotten me a few things from the GNC. So lets hope I solve my hair mystery soon.

sometimes I feel like I suck at sex XD

I mean...I just started having sex this yr so I guess I'm still a newbie to it....but I keep comparing myself to porn stars. I dunno why I do that but I keep expecting sex to be sumthin like that XD lol well...when another yr goes by hopefully I'll look back at this post and laugh b/c I'll be a beast at sex then >8D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being broke & gal...and my complaints

So I know most gals say "you have to try" or "You gotta be it not say it". But it becomes really hard when you're seriously in a rat hole when it comes to money. I don't have a job and I'm in downtown Chicago. Most of the jobs here are taken by foreigners (not that, that's a bad thing I'm just sayin) and the few jobs for college students is limited b/c EVERY fuckin college kid is trying to get the same job! And I'm not the only one broke here. Both of my parents are unemployed at the moment so can't just run to them for things. And even when I do ask I feel terribly guilty. My bf is even on the search for a job but he might better luck than me b/c he doesn't live downtown. He lives like out in the suburbs. I really hate complaining but this needed to come out. I'm trying really hard to work w/ the clothes and accessories that I have but there's only so many coord's I can do! And I guess all I can do is just search harder for a job. This is also my first time being out on my own so I'm trying to make the best of it.

-sigh- one day (SOON!) I will be a hot as mode gal! Well...hotter than I already am lol. Here's some styles that I really like...and some models who I like ^.^

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dream Cosplay (one of them atleast)

I dunno how many times I've posted about her before on other sites but she needs to be here too. She's not any specific character (that i know of). She's just a character drawn by an artist by the name of Shunya Yamashita and she was featured in one of his artbooks. I'm pretty sure that artbook has her name in it but since I don't have it, her title is just "Dream Cosplay" lol.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ok so before I post about my awesome weekend....

I need to get this off my chest.


I don't want to have censor my shit or stop bloggin all together. But seriously though get off the internet w/ that petty shit and get on your game!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm a slacker...and other stuff lol

I always seem to do my homework last minute or not at all. I really hate me procrastination. I can only blame myself I suppose T.T I seriously need to get on my school game!

But besides that...this weekend I'm going the Galena (some place in Illinoise lol) w/ the gals for a little hangout! 

Also today I gave Tomo alittle inroduction to the Japanese electronic girl group called Perfume! Well basically I showed her a few vids. Now Perfume's new single "Nee" is stuck in our heads! Well it's stuck in mine at least lol.