Friday, November 12, 2010

The "Nago sa" I'm in.

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be in nago sa for our area. At first I was hesistant b/c I've been in a situation where the sa was inactive w/out notice! And it's starting to feel like that again. But I don't necessarily want it to end b/c I love the gals in it. It's only four of us but we are kinda like family. I understand we are all busy and have important things to deal with. HeIl I live 5 hours away from them b/c of school. But I feel we could at least have a group chat or update the webpage. And I know some of you may think "Why are you posting this here and not talking w/ them?".....well...I've tried. I'll keep trying b/c I love our little group. We were cute if I do say so myself >w< lol <3

Also for those trying to guess what nago sa I'm speaking of is called CHANCE and we are based in the St.louis, Missouri area. And the members include me, Anne (Ami), Yuka, and Kate

here's some piccies of us:

                  Anne, me, and Yuka

    All of us: Anne, Kate, me, and Yuka

me, Yuka, Kate, and Julie (Julie is a good friend of ours. we are trying to convert her to gal)

                       Me & Yuka

    Me, Anne, and Yuka

Here's a link to our webpage!


  1. Oh your circle looks sooo cute! It's really great that you can have some gyaru friends close by XD

  2. Aaw thank you! Yeah I am thankful for them being around. For a good while though we didn't know each other existed lol so we we all thought we were the only gal in our area lol