Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being broke & gal...and my complaints

So I know most gals say "you have to try" or "You gotta be it not say it". But it becomes really hard when you're seriously in a rat hole when it comes to money. I don't have a job and I'm in downtown Chicago. Most of the jobs here are taken by foreigners (not that, that's a bad thing I'm just sayin) and the few jobs for college students is limited b/c EVERY fuckin college kid is trying to get the same job! And I'm not the only one broke here. Both of my parents are unemployed at the moment so can't just run to them for things. And even when I do ask I feel terribly guilty. My bf is even on the search for a job but he might better luck than me b/c he doesn't live downtown. He lives like out in the suburbs. I really hate complaining but this needed to come out. I'm trying really hard to work w/ the clothes and accessories that I have but there's only so many coord's I can do! And I guess all I can do is just search harder for a job. This is also my first time being out on my own so I'm trying to make the best of it.

-sigh- one day (SOON!) I will be a hot as mode gal! Well...hotter than I already am lol. Here's some styles that I really like...and some models who I like ^.^


  1. I wish you luck on your job search (^O^)

    Cute images!


    and "work with what you got!"

    even though u think u have limited clothes, you ALWAYS seem to pull a quick outfit out ur closet and look AMAZING *[]*

    u ARE mode desu!

  3. all i kept hearing when i looked at the pix is "mode desu!!"
    and i am super broke too:(
    we can try to do a clothes swap? i have a couple of things in my closet (dont know if youd like them) but i know that helped me out before (tomo having stuff that me and a la would pick through :) )
    and also: dont be afraid to customize clothes!!