Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ordered a new wig (quick post)

Like the title says >8D I'm too happy right now. I ordered it from ebay (w/ the help from mama's credit card lol).

Although I have my fingers crossed that it's a good looking wig in person as it is online. Last time I bought a wig (that wasn't for cosplay) from ebay it did not look right at all. It looked completely different as to how it looked on their model than me. I gave that shit away and felt like I wasted money v.v

Here's what I bought:

I don't typically like brown hair on me...only sometimes. But I was not about to take a chance b/c the lighting in this pic could also be very different from when I get it. So opted to get this wig in black.

When I chose black this pic came up. This just looks like a darker brown than the other but I'm down w/ that. But then again I can also be getting fooled by the color. No matter, I 'll take black or a darker brown either way.

I bought this wig from Tasteful & Colorful store. If this wig comes out to be really nice I would buy from them again b/c I saw some other wigs that I want to get my hands on ^.^ ALSO I would like to mention I got FREE shipping w/ that wig! Yeeeaaaaaahhhh!!! lol lol

Friday, September 21, 2012

On the weight loss trail we gooo!

I have been trying to loose weight, tighten and tone for over four years now. I'm pretty sure I've made a post about it here some time ago lol.  Though I would start up so confident and then wind up not following through. Mainly b/c I probably set high standards for myself. I expected to see results by like the end of the week and I get discouraged lol

I'm tired of lookin at hot bods on tumblr and wishin that was me lol. Me and my boyfriend decided to work out more to get to our goal. I'm super serious this time lol. But this time I'm going to not set high expectations and try to just be healthy. I know I'll see results once I put in the time and energy. And since I'm not in school right now...nor a job I kind of have time and no excuses.

I have been subscribing to fitness youtube channels and following fitness blogs on tumblr. I feel like I have all the info at my hands I just need to put in the work. I'm going to be tracking  progress and taking pics. I will be taking pics to have a before and after shot. That is one of my goals. I want to be able to say I came from this to this and you can too! I wanna be inspiration to others and myself. Granted I'm not that big to begin w/ but an accomplishment is an accomplishment. I also want to start my green tea wight loss pills again. The ones I have aren't that potent but it's enough for me. I'm very weary of diet pills and these are in the safe zone for me lol.

I want to show you all the body types I want to achieve or just love lol. I have like a folder full of pics of women's bodies who I find perfect. I keep them as a reminder that I can be sexay too one day if I would just get up off my lazy ass! lol

accurate >w<

Thank the god and goddess I was born w/ a bubble butt so that part I'm not too worried about lol lol lol. Just gotta get everything else tight and right lol. I also want to mention that I also started doing yoga as well. I'm not sure when I'm going to start. I don't wanna put it off any longer. Maybe tomorrow lol I'm terrible lol. I might updates like once or twice a month maybe more if there's a lot results happening. Maybe when I have my full plan together I'll post it on here so others know what I'm doing. Plan as in my exercise and eating habbits. 

Welp until later, ttyl guys <3 ^.^

p.s. Also if any of you on the weight loss trail..or weight gain, you should tell me about it! Or if you have any advice that would be lovely too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Me lately (late post lol)

I had went to the Japanese Festival here in my town (it was a three day event) this weekend. On Saturday I decided to look spiffy.

For some days....weeks I haven't been feeling very "gal" b/c I never really went out which meant I never actually put on make up (or clothes lol). Last weekend I made a change and decided to gal it up. I'm actually very happy how my look turned out. My main goal is to look oneegyaru and I think out of the years I've been doing gal I'm really happy and proud of how I looked. I felt like an A+ gal student lol.

Granted my top lashes could of been bigger but the ones I had from ebay didn't show as much as I thought they would. They looked big in the picture v.v
Here's a pic of make close up:

And here's a full body pic. I actually had a jean jacket that went this outfit but I don't have a pic w/ me in it at the moment v.v -sad face-

No shoes on yeah I know lol I don't wear shoes in the house especially on carpet. They weren't anything special. It was just some black sparkly sandals. ALSO, my best friend Lori bought me this dress! It was on sale for 10 dollars so she was nice enough to get it for me. It's actually my first maxi dress. I want a collection of them. 

Tis all for now loves. I hope to continue on my gal progress. ^.^  <3