Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ordered a new wig (quick post)

Like the title says >8D I'm too happy right now. I ordered it from ebay (w/ the help from mama's credit card lol).

Although I have my fingers crossed that it's a good looking wig in person as it is online. Last time I bought a wig (that wasn't for cosplay) from ebay it did not look right at all. It looked completely different as to how it looked on their model than me. I gave that shit away and felt like I wasted money v.v

Here's what I bought:

I don't typically like brown hair on me...only sometimes. But I was not about to take a chance b/c the lighting in this pic could also be very different from when I get it. So opted to get this wig in black.

When I chose black this pic came up. This just looks like a darker brown than the other but I'm down w/ that. But then again I can also be getting fooled by the color. No matter, I 'll take black or a darker brown either way.

I bought this wig from Tasteful & Colorful store. If this wig comes out to be really nice I would buy from them again b/c I saw some other wigs that I want to get my hands on ^.^ ALSO I would like to mention I got FREE shipping w/ that wig! Yeeeaaaaaahhhh!!! lol lol


  1. That's actually a really cute style and color for you Nami! :3

  2. that wigu is totally you baby!!!! :D ROCK IT

  3. @The Lovely Ify: Thank you so much. I hope it looks good on me >w<

    @Tomo: You think so!? lol I'll do my best when it gets here lol