Monday, October 1, 2012

Another order I forgot to mention...

I had meant to mention this in my other post about the new wig. I had bought my first concealer palette the same day I bought the wig. I also bought it from ebay. The seller seems reputable and so far the feed back is good so hopefully this non brand concealer stuff is good.

It will be my first time working w/ it too and I desperately needed it. Not only for highlighting and contouring but to hide them dark circles I have! Also for doing my eyebrows. I've been watching multiple 'how to's' on youtube for using concealer so I just need to try it out. I should be receiving it in the mail around the same time as my wig which should be between sometime this week and next Tuesday. I also bought an angled concealer brush so that I can actually apply this stuff.

Here's what the the concealer palette looks like that I got:

I'm slowly building my make up collection. I really want to make a onee gyaru make up tutorial vid one day. I'm just waiting til' I have all the right materials so I can look beautious lol <3

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  1. I need to buy one of those too! Th one I had is all gone now and it was very small and it wasn't a palette like that one. I have been also slowly building up my makeup collection, but as of lately I haven't bought any new products. I blogged a few months ago about the new makeup I had bought, lol.