Monday, December 17, 2012

Motionless In White concert experience

(Me and Sam out in the cold lookin silly...well me at least lol)

Ok soooooooo

I had already paid for my ticket online and printed it out. My boyfriend and my friend Sam were going to buy their tickets at the venue. Terrible mistake. We wound up an hour late which was somewhat ok b/c the band hadn't gone on yet. There were three opening acts. So as we go up to the venue door we see a sign that says "Sold Out". My heart dropped. And to make it worse I found out that it sold out earlier that day. Basically if we had gotten there earlier we wouldn't have been in that predicament. Now I still had my ticket and I could go but I didn't want to leave my bf and friend. I was the one who dragged them out there in the first place. We just stood outside for a while trying to get extra tickets from people. We weren't the only ones out there doin that either. There were a lot of people upset that they couldn't get in.

So after standing outside for a while not knowing what to do a man over hears our convo and asks to buy my ticket off of me for his daughter. He said that she's really upset and is crying in the car over it. At first we didn't believe him but then he shows us his car and I see the girl in there. Out of the goodness of my heart I agree to it. He paid me 20 bucks for it, more than what I actually paid which was 16. As the girl came out the car I could tell she had been crying (she looked like teenager too...15 maybe). But here's what gets me....this bitch did not thank me nor did she even look in my face. Her father thanked me though. If I was in her situation I would of been hugging the fuck out of that person! Well no matter my conscience felt good. I expect some good karma to come my way lol. I guess you could say some did. Right after I helped that girl I turn around to see Chris fuckin Motionless (lead singer). He was peeking out of his trailer van getting pizza. I also saw Ricky Horror (guitarist) in the background! In that moment I could of died. From that point on I knew what my mission was. To stay and wait out this concert so I could see him and the band after the show and hopefully get a picture! Luckily and thankfully my friend Sam and my bf were down to ride it out with me.

While waiting in the cold we met a few friendly people who were coming in and out of the concert and others still trying to get in like us. Nice to make some random friends. After a while we really couldn't put up w/ the cold anymore so we went inside to the bar area of the venue and got some foods and drinks. I could hear the band playing through the walls. I felt like crying and bashing my head in v.v. Soon enough we saw people leaving and we dashed for the door and waited over by the van. Me and Sam felt hella old b/c there were some other girls there waiting too who were in the age range of 13-16. Like they were fangirling the fuck out and being hella annoying. I used to fangirl over bands, hell I still do but I never acted like the way they did. I wanted to punch them all and felt sorry for the band members having to deal it as well. What also really upset me was some scrawny ass guy who tried to have some authority over us and yelling at us. Nigga I'm a grown ass woman! Yell one more got damn time we gon' have a problem. I'm not like these 13 yr olds out here actin a fool. I was just ready to get my pic and head the fuck out before I started a brawl.

About 20 minutes later Chris Motionless comes out and everyone got into a line. I was third in front! When my turn came around I was nervous as fuck. I couldn't even look at him in the face for more than two seconds >w< . Sam took the pic. It was really dark so she tried to edit it to make it brighter. I think she did a mighty fine job! lol This pic may be grainy as fuck but I love it anyways. He was a sweetheart. 

One day when they come back I WILL go see them live and I WILL have a better camera on me. I want a pic w/ the whole band next time!! >8D

Well yeah...that's what happened. I went. Didn't get to into the venue but I got a piccy. I'm semi-satisifed lol.

Monday, December 3, 2012

My new obsession: Motionless In White

I love music and I love when I find new things to listen to. Recently (about three weeks ago) I came across a band called Motionless in White. I'm not really sure on what genre to put them in but if I had to I would say horror metalcore/post-hardcore w/ a dash of industrial lol.

I'm surprised myself that I've fallen this hard for them. I haven't felt this way about an American band since 30 Second's to Mars's first album, which was in like 2006-07? For a some years I just stayed w/ foreign rock groups and shit from the early 2000's.

I simply cannot get enough of their sound and look. Love a man in make up! I'm constantly talking about them on facebook and reblogging pics of them on tumblr. I even remembered every one of their members names and what they play in less than three days. It usually takes me a while >w< I'm too ready.

During my constant reblogging of them on tumblr something hit me. I need to see them live! And lucky for me they are on tour right now and will be in Chicago the same time I will be there for my bf's b-day! FATE I TELL YOU!! FATE!!!! The concert is Dec. 13th...sooo basically next week lol. So now I'm dragging my bf and two other friends w/ me to the concert. I had gotten my ticket like two days ago but I still feel so anxious. I haven't been to a concert in a loooonnnggg time...not since 2008 when I went to the rockstar taste of chaos tour. Wait...well....I saw the Japanese band LM.C this past spring at Anime Central (anime convention). But I don't count con concerts lol >w<  Lets just say I haven't seen an American band since 2008.

This was the first song I heard by them, "Devil's Night". After this it was a match made in paradise. I went and listened to all of their other songs too. And I got both of their albums (there's only two out so far). They look sexy as hell headbanging in the rain...just sayin v.v


Another one of my favs is "Puppets". This song gets me amped as fucckk!!


I'm too ready for this concert. I CANNOT WAAAAAIIIITTT!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFF

But of course you have the shit heads on youtube who like to diss on the comments. I've seen some people saying if they didn't wear make up they'd be good. How the fuck does wearing make up constitute whether or not a band is good or not!?!?!?! If it's good then it's good! Who gives a fuck if they like wearin eyeliner. If the talent is there then get the fuck over it. I'm tired of these bands and singers comin out in jeans and t-shirts anyway lookin like truckers and trailer trash. Where are the entertainers!?!?!?  -sigh- whatever man.

But yeah...they are my new thing. I loves them. And I will be taking my parents camera so I can record and take piccies! PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!


Friday, November 30, 2012

My goth gyaru attempt (late post/pic heavy)

On the Monday that passed I went out w/ my bestie and decided to try a new gal look. Since I've been really feeling dark goth and rocker looks lately so I thought I'd add a little gal twist to it.

A full body shot of my outfit. I liked my outfit but now looking at it I could REALLY use some accessories. Some skulls, studs, spike's and the like. I know better next time. This look I will try again. I like the way black lipstick looks on me. Even though my parents found it scary. Which I don't understand but whatevs!

uuggghhh ignore that fucking pimple! ToT

Someone told me I reminded them of Harley Quinn from the Batman comics and said I should look into cosplaying her. And I think I just might. I love her so why not!? ^0^

Of course I had to make a silly face lol. My bf said this is his fav pic lol.
Anyways I really liked how my make up turned out. -pats self on back- lol

Pic spam now done. Tell me what ya think!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday gets!

This is probably the best Black Friday I've had in two years. In terms of the things I got. Now I can't say I had a good time w/ the family at Thanksgiving dinner. I...I just can't deal w/ them folks. I know you are supposed to love family but you don't have to like them! lol. Anyways on to my gets! (Sorry for the crappy web cam pics. Still w/ no camera. Hopefully you guys can still see the stuffs)

I love this black top. I have been obsessed w/ these blouses! I even got two more!

Needed this for my little acne problem recently. Just a few bumps here and there.

This dress.....I LOVE IT!!! @.@ Although this dress reminds me why I need to work out. My pudge shows too much in it

Finally go me the liquid liner I've been wanting. Can't wait to test it out.

I just needed a foundation powder to matte out the shine from my liquid foundation.

I received these nail polishes for free from Wet Seal b/c I spent over 30 bucks there. I'm more excited about that silver glitter one in the middle!

I got the make up brushes from ULTA (along w/ the eye liner and the foundation powder). It' was buy one get the second 50%. A mutha fuckin deal! Finally I have some brush to use. Now I need a palette lol.

 Here are the other two collard blouses I got. I loves them! I NEEDS MORE!!! >8O

The back of the blouse has a shear flower pattern.
Last but not least some new leggings! These fit so nice and they are thick (not too thick though). My butt looks amazin in them >83

 I was too happy shopping that I didn't even realize that my period had started. lol

If any of you went shopping on black friday please share on what ya got! ^.^

Now since I've been since 3 in the morning, I'm going to take a nap lol.


Monday, November 19, 2012

人生のアップデート (Life Update)

I'm more than sorry for not posting as much recently. I feel like I'm always making posts such as these. Right now my life is...or has been in this rocky place. Dealing w/ school, family, friendships, relationships, jobs/money (the lack of) and myself! Just a whole lot of things turning into one huge cluster fuck. It has taken a toll on me a lot b/c my mood swings have been crazy. I have been shutting others out and shutting myself away. While simultaneously trying to bring it all together.

This has also taken a toll on me style wise and artistically. My gal game has been at an all time low b/c I don't have the clothes to show for it. I mean I can take face pics of make up all day but I wish I could start taking more code pics. But who wants to see the same outfit every time? In my head I'm the most fashionable person lol but I just don't have the means to actually do it. By "means" I mean MONEY! And even if I wanted to take pics I have no camera b/c mine broke and all I have left is my web cam which can't take body shots w/ unless I'm super far away from it >w<. Just one thing fuckin up right after the other. By artistically I mean I haven't been drawing as much as I should. I'm an artist! This is what I want to do in life and yet I'm bumming around. This weird depression funk I'm in is something fierce. Never felt like this before.

With all that said and done I'm slowly feeling things getting better. I feel like something is turning in the tides for me. Since I'm trying to get into a new school (which I'm positive I'll be accepted into) I feel like a new chapter of my life is upon me. I'm nervous yet really excited. I also feel myself changing...internally and mentally. I'm hoping this is for the better. I'm using my struggle as something to push me forward. I don't want to be in this place anymore.

On another note...back to art. The latest drawing I've done was for my friend Michelle from FB. She actually paid me for it too. That was the first time I did a commission. I wanna do another! >8D I could use da monies! lol Here that piccy is:

I realize it now how hard it is to draw color things on photoshop w/ out a tablet. Cramped hands is not fun. Hopefully I can get a tablet for Christmas -crosses fingers- >w<


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goin to Chicago for a week!

WHICH MEANS I GET TO BE WITH MY BOYFRIEND AGAIN!!!! YAAAYYYYY!!! I haven't seen him since June ToT This long distance relationship stuff is hard but we are makin it work! BTW I'm leaving tomorrow! lol I know this is something I usually state earlier but I'm now making a post about it before I forget >w<

But this also means I gotta shave v.v No more hermit living lol lol.

This also means I get to see my gal pals again! It's been too long! I could really use a night out on the town w/ a drink in hand! lol lol
I'm going to see if I can use one of my parents camera's since mine doesn't work anymore v.v I've ben stuck using my web cam and I can't take my laptop around to take pics lol. Even if I tried my comp would constantly be dying b/c the battery is shot.

Hopefully I can capture some memories for you all lol