Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday gets!

This is probably the best Black Friday I've had in two years. In terms of the things I got. Now I can't say I had a good time w/ the family at Thanksgiving dinner. I...I just can't deal w/ them folks. I know you are supposed to love family but you don't have to like them! lol. Anyways on to my gets! (Sorry for the crappy web cam pics. Still w/ no camera. Hopefully you guys can still see the stuffs)

I love this black top. I have been obsessed w/ these blouses! I even got two more!

Needed this for my little acne problem recently. Just a few bumps here and there.

This dress.....I LOVE IT!!! @.@ Although this dress reminds me why I need to work out. My pudge shows too much in it

Finally go me the liquid liner I've been wanting. Can't wait to test it out.

I just needed a foundation powder to matte out the shine from my liquid foundation.

I received these nail polishes for free from Wet Seal b/c I spent over 30 bucks there. I'm more excited about that silver glitter one in the middle!

I got the make up brushes from ULTA (along w/ the eye liner and the foundation powder). It' was buy one get the second 50%. A mutha fuckin deal! Finally I have some brush to use. Now I need a palette lol.

 Here are the other two collard blouses I got. I loves them! I NEEDS MORE!!! >8O

The back of the blouse has a shear flower pattern.
Last but not least some new leggings! These fit so nice and they are thick (not too thick though). My butt looks amazin in them >83

 I was too happy shopping that I didn't even realize that my period had started. lol

If any of you went shopping on black friday please share on what ya got! ^.^

Now since I've been since 3 in the morning, I'm going to take a nap lol.



  1. Wow! Those are some really great purchases!
    I've personally never been able to do early morning black friday shopping, so the fact that you woke up at 3 is awesome @.@
    I'm going to steal that dress and those collared blouses from you xD

  2. T.T had to go to work on Black Friday. I missed so many deaalss especially from H&M.*tears*

    I love that black and white blouse as well as that dress! (I'm just staring at your butt >.> LOL)

  3. @Chaitea: Thankies! Yeah I was up early stayed up for a while lol My feet were hurting by the end of it lol. -clings to clothes- lol

    @Cutsewdreams: Eeeww I'd die if I had to work....people are cray cray lol. I totally forgot about H&M!! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKK!! ToT
    Oh yes, the disco globe booty v.v -nods- lol lol

  4. Hi hun ! I've given your blog an award ! Check it out :

    I have the same brushes ! ^-^
    And your body looks fine. Be happy you're not overweight.
    You're at a great size. A little tummy fat doesn't hurt. You can work it off.

  5. clean and clear acne spot is really effective. :)
    followed your blog hope you could follow mine. ^_~