Monday, January 31, 2011

What I wore today and a surprise I've been keeping

My surprise! My cat Mimi! My room mate Tomo surprised me w/ her! We aren't allowed to have pets in the dorms so don't tell! lol XD

me and Mimi! <3

I left my camera back at home (in st.louis) so taking full body shots is hard. So I'm stuck w/ taking pics on my web cam.

end of my little post >w<

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I want to belly dance! (pic heavy)

For about two years now I've been real interested in taking belly dancing classes. At first I thought belly dancing only consisted of the Egyptian style. Little did I know there were so many different versions and styles of belly dance! Some in particular that I like are American Tribal Style belly dance (ATS), Tribal Fusion , Gothic Tribal Fusion, and even Hip hop fusion style. Now these terms may seem weird but I shall explain them in a quick summary. The rest you should just google, you will find alot!

American Tribal Style
is a modern style of belly dance created by FatChanceBellyDance director, Carolena Nericcio. American Tribal Style Belly Dance is clearly defined and documented with the primary characteristic being that of group improvisation. Tribal is generally performed in a group, often at community events such as festivals and parades, with tribal dancers typically favoring a look provided by wide-legged pants gathered at the ankles and full skirts. (wikipedia)
For a more in depth look on this style go to this site!:

There is so much more on that site you can learn and I didn't want to have a big ass page full of text you may not even read >w<.

American Tribal Fusion belly dance
is an interpretation of traditionnal eastern dances  mixing western contemporary influences and forms of dances. The ethic : tribe, respect and mutual confidence.

Tribal Fusion belly dance -
is a modern form of belly dance which has evolved from American Tribal Style belly dancing, blending elements of ATS with any other style of dance. It frequently incorporates elements from PoppingHip HopBreakdance, 'Egyptian' or 'Cabaret' belly dance, as well as from traditional forms such as FlamencoKathak,Bhangra, Balinese, and other folkloric dance styles. (wikipedia)

Gothic Tribal Fusion belly dance

Combining the spiritual essence of Tribal Fusion Bellydance and the elusive mysticism of the Gothic/Industrial subculture.

There are many more styles of tribal fusion belly dance that I did not mention but that is the beauty of the internet! lol Also what I love about belly dance is no matter your race, weight or age anyone can do it and look good doing it! Anyway I wanted to show you all some beautiful pics and vids of lovely dancers!

What most American Tribal Style belly dancers wear

Zoe Jakes

Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice


Zoe Jakes

Shannon Kihara (one of my favs)

Shannon Kihara

Split Tribal Fest 2010

Rachel Brice Tribal Fest 2010

Zoe Jakes Tribal Fusion belly dance

Fat Chance Belly Dance @ Tribal Fest 2010

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New day, New things

So I had my second day of school and classes. It went ok nothing too special happened. I could tell already that my Drawing for Animation class is gonna be a workload. I have a feeling that class is gonna test procrastination has to end here if I want to pass that class >w<. My gawd though, there are so many nerdy boys in that class! I mean I know the field I'm trying to get into is male dominated but it's always interesting to what type of male is dominating the industry (animation industry). I know not all are like that but alot of them are lol. They make ME feel cool and I'm nerdy/weird as fuck! lol lol.

But anyway besides that I took some more pics of myself and what I wore today. My make up was alot thicker today as well. I almost felt over dressed but I said to myself "fuck it! i'm fabulous!" LOL LOL

Half of my outfit. The top is nothing special. It was just a long sleeve sweater dress.

me and the lovely Gaga <3


After I came back from my last class I found my roomate angry as all hell b/ her cell phone has been crappin out on her and t-mobile was giving her the run around on what she should do to fix it. So basically she went on a hunt to find a new phone and possibly a new service. This had me thinking b/c I hate the phone I have now which is a lame go phone. The phone I really want is the Pantech Impact in pink! If ya don't know what it looks like then take a gander at this beauty! ^0^

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First day of the semester (which was yesterday lol)

I only had one class yesterday and it was Japanese II. I'll admit I was a little nervous b/c I felt like I needed to brush up on the Japanese I had learned from last semester. But everything turned out ok and I knew some of the people in my class and I met some cool new people. I also finally took pics of myself for the first time since 2011 came >w<. I plan on taking more pics and some coord pics! The pics I took today my make up was kind of light but I was satisfied w/ it. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Zombie boy and Lady Gaga

Sooo today on Tumblr I found a unique and beautiful man. I also found a new track by Lady Gaga w/ this man! My oh my what a day. 

Either yesterday or two days ago the designer Nicola Formichetti had a runway show showcasing the Theirry Mugler Men's Collection. He is the stylist for Lady Gaga and she made a song for his collection which was played during the show. Nicola had a muse for the show and his muse was a man named Rick Genest. Rick is an intresting man for he is covered head to toe in a skeleton tattoo. He also walked in the show.

When I saw Rick a.k.a Zombie boy I fell in love! He is soooo freaking hot that it hurts me! lol lol I'm serious though. I don't really have a particular taste for men, I just like whatever I think is hot! And he passed w/ an A++!! ^0^

i came *0*

He is soooo ffiiiiinnneee to me! Lawd have mercy!
Also here's the link to watch the vid! Lady Gaga's song is also in it:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New hat! (short post)

I've been searching all over for a particular hat! I guess some call it a "russian styled" hat. But I now own one and I'm so excited! I have some pics I took in it w/ my new wig (the wig that needs more hair added >w<) I also call this "no make day" lol lol To lazy to put on make up today but I still think I looked cute  nonetheless.

I really want a black one now! *3*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Semi fixed the wig disaster lol

Well after my wig (from the last post) crap my mother felt sorry for me so she took me out to a wig store and bought me a new one. Now....when I chose the wig out and tried it on it looked good but when I got back home and put it on it seemed different. I think it's b/c I usually get curly wigs or just thicker wigs in general. This new wig I have is bone straight and kinda thin. I think to fix this problem I will just curl it myself and/or add more hair to it. I only took one pic of myself in it. I was wearing sunglasses b/c I didn't have any make up on and I looked busted lol I'll take a better pic in it later.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My new wig...

So in one of my older post I said I had ordered a new wig and I was so excited about. Well...I got that wig and it was not what I expected. In the pic it looked full and looked like human hair ( i knew it was synthetic but it looked like of good quality). Well when I opened the package and saw it, my smile turned into a frown. It was suuuupppeerrr shiny like a 10 dollar party wig shiny! And when I put it on I almost gagged. It was hideous aaannnd it was thin and super stringy. I'm glad the shipping was free but I know for a fact i'm sellin that shit. I can get a better wig at the local beauty/wig supply store :/

Maid talk

I haven't mentioned to most on here that it is one of my many dreams to be a maid Akihabara! Though right now I'm in that states and far from Japan lol sooooo I found this group of girls that have started there own maid cafe and they do cute Japanese dances as performances at anime conventions and/or Japanese festivals. They are called Neko Neko Maid and Host club. I auditioned for them some time in April and found out I got the spot in July (this was over the 2010 summer). The audition consisted of a vid of me dancing to a dance they provided and I had to sing >w<. There are four groups, a green group, a pink group, a purple group and a blue group. I was put into the green group. This may not be Akihabara but it's as close as I'm gonna get for right now. ^0^ I'm actually really excited to actually get to perform w/ them! I know for a fact that they are going to perform at A-kon in Texas this yr in June. I'm gonna save up my money so that I can go! ^0^ But during this time I need to learn a few dances. There were three dances to choose from and I plan on doing two of them. Right now I'm practicing thiiiissss:

It's my dream to have awkward/anti social nerds fawn over me >8D lol lol  just kidding. I just love performing and making people smile.

(i screen capped this from one of the vids from Neko Neko Maid and Host Club)

Here are links to the website and their youtube:

I actually have to provide my own maid dress and it has to be in black and white. I saw a really cute one on Bodyline for 37 bucks. I'm gonna try and get it this month or next month. ^.^