Thursday, January 13, 2011

Semi fixed the wig disaster lol

Well after my wig (from the last post) crap my mother felt sorry for me so she took me out to a wig store and bought me a new one. Now....when I chose the wig out and tried it on it looked good but when I got back home and put it on it seemed different. I think it's b/c I usually get curly wigs or just thicker wigs in general. This new wig I have is bone straight and kinda thin. I think to fix this problem I will just curl it myself and/or add more hair to it. I only took one pic of myself in it. I was wearing sunglasses b/c I didn't have any make up on and I looked busted lol I'll take a better pic in it later.


  1. you can wear it out alittle, and maybe try to tease it to add a little more volume. and adding hair later if you really need it. i still have your other wig too btw lol. its just chillin~

  2. yeah i'm most likely going to add some to it but i don't really know how to do that i'm glad i have uuuuuuuuuuu >8D

    pleeaaassseee help riissshhhaa!!! T.T