Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New day, New things

So I had my second day of school and classes. It went ok nothing too special happened. I could tell already that my Drawing for Animation class is gonna be a workload. I have a feeling that class is gonna test procrastination has to end here if I want to pass that class >w<. My gawd though, there are so many nerdy boys in that class! I mean I know the field I'm trying to get into is male dominated but it's always interesting to what type of male is dominating the industry (animation industry). I know not all are like that but alot of them are lol. They make ME feel cool and I'm nerdy/weird as fuck! lol lol.

But anyway besides that I took some more pics of myself and what I wore today. My make up was alot thicker today as well. I almost felt over dressed but I said to myself "fuck it! i'm fabulous!" LOL LOL

Half of my outfit. The top is nothing special. It was just a long sleeve sweater dress.

me and the lovely Gaga <3


After I came back from my last class I found my roomate angry as all hell b/ her cell phone has been crappin out on her and t-mobile was giving her the run around on what she should do to fix it. So basically she went on a hunt to find a new phone and possibly a new service. This had me thinking b/c I hate the phone I have now which is a lame go phone. The phone I really want is the Pantech Impact in pink! If ya don't know what it looks like then take a gander at this beauty! ^0^


  1. Ooh, you're taking a drawing for animation class? That sounds pretty fun! :3 Btw you look absolutely gorgeous, and your outfit is super sexy!!

  2. sexy nami!!! love it!!
    good luck on finding/getting phones girls!

  3. @Tricia: yeah yeah! I guess it's fun but work extensive >w< Aaw and thank you bebe! <3

    @Lisha: Yeah i'm sooo gettin that phone! IT MUST BE MIIINNNEEE!! >8D

  4. @momoko: thank you bebe! <3

    @Queenie: Gurl shush! you are just as hot if not hotter! ^0^

  5. Aa! So pretty!
    I love your style~