Friday, January 21, 2011

Zombie boy and Lady Gaga

Sooo today on Tumblr I found a unique and beautiful man. I also found a new track by Lady Gaga w/ this man! My oh my what a day. 

Either yesterday or two days ago the designer Nicola Formichetti had a runway show showcasing the Theirry Mugler Men's Collection. He is the stylist for Lady Gaga and she made a song for his collection which was played during the show. Nicola had a muse for the show and his muse was a man named Rick Genest. Rick is an intresting man for he is covered head to toe in a skeleton tattoo. He also walked in the show.

When I saw Rick a.k.a Zombie boy I fell in love! He is soooo freaking hot that it hurts me! lol lol I'm serious though. I don't really have a particular taste for men, I just like whatever I think is hot! And he passed w/ an A++!! ^0^

i came *0*

He is soooo ffiiiiinnneee to me! Lawd have mercy!
Also here's the link to watch the vid! Lady Gaga's song is also in it:


  1. damn, that is pretty sick ♥

  2. and here i thought i was like one of the only people who was insanely attracted to him 0__0