Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goin to Chicago for a week!

WHICH MEANS I GET TO BE WITH MY BOYFRIEND AGAIN!!!! YAAAYYYYY!!! I haven't seen him since June ToT This long distance relationship stuff is hard but we are makin it work! BTW I'm leaving tomorrow! lol I know this is something I usually state earlier but I'm now making a post about it before I forget >w<

But this also means I gotta shave v.v No more hermit living lol lol.

This also means I get to see my gal pals again! It's been too long! I could really use a night out on the town w/ a drink in hand! lol lol
I'm going to see if I can use one of my parents camera's since mine doesn't work anymore v.v I've ben stuck using my web cam and I can't take my laptop around to take pics lol. Even if I tried my comp would constantly be dying b/c the battery is shot.

Hopefully I can capture some memories for you all lol

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Natural hair update ( no hair piccies yet though )

I made a post about two months ago about me getting the "big chop" where I basically cut off my hair to a really small fro looking style. My hair is good and bad. Meaning it can grow thick but only in certain area's. This is mainly do to relaxer damage, the scalp infection I had and me constantly twisting on my hair.

I have been w/ out a relaxer for almost two yrs now and my hair is slowly healing itself. And I mean slooowww. When I see pics or look at vids of other African American women who stop getting relaxers and cut their hair I see that they get tons of growth w/ in two yrs. My hair on the other hand hasn't even reached an inch yet :/. Maybe on the top of my head b/c that's where my hair grows the fastest. But the hair on the sides and in the lower back (a.k.a "the kitchen") it's still really short.

Now I know one of main reasons my hair is still short in those area's is b/c I can't stop twisting my hair there. It's a bad habit that I've had since 5th grade. It's so hard to just up and stop now after all those of twisting. But I gotta learn how...maybe if I slowly ween myself from touching my hair so much. -sigh- I swear my hair grew faster when I had a relaxer. I'm learning so many things and ways on how to take care of my natural hair. Thank my lucky stars for youtube! Those "hair ladies" (I call them that lol) on there saved my life xD lol.

So now I'm going to be taking more active steps in my hair re-growth process. I have a good regimen for shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing. But what I left out was the health part. I don't always eat right and so I don't get the necessary nutrition I need. Now, I have started taking women's multi-vitamins and some Biotin pills for hair, skin and nails. Hopefully with these added things and me not touching my hair as much I can start seeing some real growth progress.

For those wanting to know what I'm taking, here's a pic:

Biotin 5000 from GNC and DG Health Women's One Daily multi-vitamin

I kinda feel like an old person constantly taking pills a certain time of day XD lol But I know this is for the best. I also wanted to start taking multi-vitamin's anyway b/c I wanna be healthy now and for when I get older. Just helpin the body out.

The next time I post a pic about my hair may be in January to see if I notice a difference in growth. Maybe earlier if I do see a difference before then. Wish me luck >w<

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another order I forgot to mention...

I had meant to mention this in my other post about the new wig. I had bought my first concealer palette the same day I bought the wig. I also bought it from ebay. The seller seems reputable and so far the feed back is good so hopefully this non brand concealer stuff is good.

It will be my first time working w/ it too and I desperately needed it. Not only for highlighting and contouring but to hide them dark circles I have! Also for doing my eyebrows. I've been watching multiple 'how to's' on youtube for using concealer so I just need to try it out. I should be receiving it in the mail around the same time as my wig which should be between sometime this week and next Tuesday. I also bought an angled concealer brush so that I can actually apply this stuff.

Here's what the the concealer palette looks like that I got:

I'm slowly building my make up collection. I really want to make a onee gyaru make up tutorial vid one day. I'm just waiting til' I have all the right materials so I can look beautious lol <3