Friday, September 21, 2012

On the weight loss trail we gooo!

I have been trying to loose weight, tighten and tone for over four years now. I'm pretty sure I've made a post about it here some time ago lol.  Though I would start up so confident and then wind up not following through. Mainly b/c I probably set high standards for myself. I expected to see results by like the end of the week and I get discouraged lol

I'm tired of lookin at hot bods on tumblr and wishin that was me lol. Me and my boyfriend decided to work out more to get to our goal. I'm super serious this time lol. But this time I'm going to not set high expectations and try to just be healthy. I know I'll see results once I put in the time and energy. And since I'm not in school right now...nor a job I kind of have time and no excuses.

I have been subscribing to fitness youtube channels and following fitness blogs on tumblr. I feel like I have all the info at my hands I just need to put in the work. I'm going to be tracking  progress and taking pics. I will be taking pics to have a before and after shot. That is one of my goals. I want to be able to say I came from this to this and you can too! I wanna be inspiration to others and myself. Granted I'm not that big to begin w/ but an accomplishment is an accomplishment. I also want to start my green tea wight loss pills again. The ones I have aren't that potent but it's enough for me. I'm very weary of diet pills and these are in the safe zone for me lol.

I want to show you all the body types I want to achieve or just love lol. I have like a folder full of pics of women's bodies who I find perfect. I keep them as a reminder that I can be sexay too one day if I would just get up off my lazy ass! lol

accurate >w<

Thank the god and goddess I was born w/ a bubble butt so that part I'm not too worried about lol lol lol. Just gotta get everything else tight and right lol. I also want to mention that I also started doing yoga as well. I'm not sure when I'm going to start. I don't wanna put it off any longer. Maybe tomorrow lol I'm terrible lol. I might updates like once or twice a month maybe more if there's a lot results happening. Maybe when I have my full plan together I'll post it on here so others know what I'm doing. Plan as in my exercise and eating habbits. 

Welp until later, ttyl guys <3 ^.^

p.s. Also if any of you on the weight loss trail..or weight gain, you should tell me about it! Or if you have any advice that would be lovely too!

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  1. Good luck nomnoms. Im trying to slim up too. I jumped to 150 this summer. :/ now, i can speed walk to the bus/school and back so hopefully that helps a,lil.