Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Me lately (late post lol)

I had went to the Japanese Festival here in my town (it was a three day event) this weekend. On Saturday I decided to look spiffy.

For some days....weeks I haven't been feeling very "gal" b/c I never really went out which meant I never actually put on make up (or clothes lol). Last weekend I made a change and decided to gal it up. I'm actually very happy how my look turned out. My main goal is to look oneegyaru and I think out of the years I've been doing gal I'm really happy and proud of how I looked. I felt like an A+ gal student lol.

Granted my top lashes could of been bigger but the ones I had from ebay didn't show as much as I thought they would. They looked big in the picture v.v
Here's a pic of make close up:

And here's a full body pic. I actually had a jean jacket that went this outfit but I don't have a pic w/ me in it at the moment v.v -sad face-

No shoes on yeah I know lol I don't wear shoes in the house especially on carpet. They weren't anything special. It was just some black sparkly sandals. ALSO, my best friend Lori bought me this dress! It was on sale for 10 dollars so she was nice enough to get it for me. It's actually my first maxi dress. I want a collection of them. 

Tis all for now loves. I hope to continue on my gal progress. ^.^  <3

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