Thursday, November 11, 2010

ギヤル meme

Location: Chicago (originally from St.louis)
Occupation: student and broke
Height: 5'3
Hair/Eyes: dark brown/ greeeeeeeeen

First discovery of gyaru: It was through anime that I found Japanese music and through the music I found the fashion. Out of all the subfashions I saw gyaru stuck out the most to me

Your Gyaru Style: (however many you like)
- Mode
- girly rokku (sometimes...I wish to do this more often)

Your Top 5 Gyaru Model Inspirations:
                       Maya Mori
                                                  Shizuka Takeda
                         Momoko Ogihara
                      Ena Matsumoto
                                     Nonoka Iwata

Your Top 5 Gyaru Non-model Inspirations:
(I don't wanna put there pics up b/c I don't wanna come off as a creeper >w<)
- Catz
- Janis Macutay
- Sara Mari
- Mitsu

Your 4 Favorite Gyaru Magazines:

- Happie Nuts
- Blenda
- Egg
The Top 6 Gyaru Brands you like best:
- Gilfy

- tutuHA
- d.i.a.
- Murua
- Emoda
- Forever21 >8D
5 of Your Favorite Coordinates: (not your own)



Your 7 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:
- black and gray skinny jeans

- black fedora
- lacey stockings
- black usamimi
- skull sweater dress
- red patenleather kitten heels
- black heel boots
Top 10 Gyaru Fashion Goals:
- make my closet more Mode gal friendly

- make my closet more girly rokku friendly (lol)
- get more heels/boots
- always be flashy even if I have on "lazy wear"
- improve my eye make
- wear less "lazy wear"
(can't think of anything else at the moment)
Top 5 Gyaru Achievements:
- i have improved my eye make since I first started gal
- became a tad bit more active in the online gaijin gyaru communities (though i don't find that too important)
- improved my fashion sense
- improved my self esteem
- made gal friends

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  1. Thank you so much for filling the meme out! You included so many nice pictures, you got a great taste it coordinates XD