Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The happenings

Sorry for my inconsistent posting. The internet connection at home is not good at all. Sometimes it works and other times like yesterday it decided to shut off completely :( I'm at the community college near my home writing this. But other than this a lot has happened to over the weekend that I wanted to post about. I'm still going to but not as in depth as I planned. I feel behind on posts so I don't want to straggle along w/ a topic that happened a week or two ago.

Last weekend was my good friend Jayla's 21st birthday. She kept it somewhat intimate w/ only a few friends. Or should I say the friends that still cared or stayed around. Annnyywaayyy...Her mom gave her 200 bucks to have spending spree at the sushi restaurant. She basically paid for everyone to eat to their hearts content! I've never had so much sushi in my life! It was soooooo good! I had taken really nice pics of all the food w/ my phone but thats where I made the mistake. My phone for whatever reason will not send the pics to my computer! So lets just all imagine delicious food lol.

My friends b-day wasn't the only one that was celebrated recently. My father's birthday was on Monday and we also celebrated that. We got him a huge cookie cake, some clothes and we all went to the movies to see X-men: First Class (we as in me and my mom. my bro would of went but he was out of town so he just called in). So we had a nice little family bonding time...for a while lol My family doesn't know how to go on w/ out arguing about something for ten minutes. The X-men movie I have to say was awesome-tastic! I mean I knew it would be lol. Honestly that movie had some fine ass men >8D 

James McAvoy as Professor X
He was so cute and sexy. Damn he is fiiiinnee!! 

Michael Fassbender as Magneto
This charming mother fucker! I wanted to be his wifey so hard ToT

                                                           Álex González as Riptide

And then this eye candy. May the lord forgive me for I have siiiinned! lol
I just wanna eat him up! Oh gawd every time I look at this pic I get chills!

But yeah this is my post for today xD lol ttyl!



  1. *doing the nami look* "ooo!"
    alex gonzalez caliente *0*
    lmaooo u are so silly! Happy belated bday papa henson<3333

  2. lolololololol I'm cracking up b/c I know what face you are talking about XD

    Alex....he is too sexy. I die! <3 <3

    And thanks for the papa shout out! >w<