Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer time fun

This summer I had planned on hanging w/ some friends here in St.louis which I still plan on doing.  But I don't wanna forget about my friends in Chicago! So I'm gonna go back there in the summer! I also wanted to go back and see my man! We hate being apart from each other for long periods of time ;3;

Some gal friends of mine are hosting a midwest gal meet up in Chicago in July and I sooo plan on going to that! I'm gonna try and brings some gals from St.louis w/ me! If you are close you should totally come!

This is also a good date for me b/c it's after my summer classes! Wooooo! I think I will pierce my tummy while I'm there as well. >8D

I know this is off topic but could Sara Mari get any more gorgeous!!!! *0*

daaayyyuuum she's soooo beautious! *0* (fan girl mode is on!)



  1. Oh I came to comment about the Chicago meet and then I saw my photo and got so embarrassed haha!

    I really wish I could go to the meetup, Chicago is quite close to Minneapolis, but I will be out of town. I always miss the summer meetups...TT

    Thank you so much for being generous to me, you are really so sweet!

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  3. I figured you were away. Maybe we will meet some other time! *crosses fingers*

    No problem! You are amazing and you should know >83
    And thank you, I try >w<