Monday, June 20, 2011

B-ギャル days (pic heavy)

Another gal friend of mine, Chaudalyn, had started a topic about b-gyaru and the style itself. She got me thinking about it and I feel like the style isn't represented enough. Meaning I don't see too many western gals doing it ( I know like maybe 4 or 5 that do). I'm not saying I'm switching my style up but I thought I'd do this for today. And cam whored away! lol <3 

tried to get a better shot of the outfit and the colors. ignore the flash XD lol
a grainier shot xP
I actually like the way I look in this style so I may do it again. But next time I want it to be a bit more extreme like with more colors and flashier clothing.

I would like to do my hair in a high side ponytail in a big braid like hers! ^

(pics were taken from



  1. This is awesome!! I'm going to add this link to the Bgal Guide I have on mine. I'm also going to put this on My weekly lovely post for Wednesday.

  2. Oh snaps! I'm too honored! *o* Thank you, thank you, thank you! >w< <3

  3. Cute! I also like B-gal but it's true, it's hard to find western gals doing the style. It's really sexy in a way. I love it.