Monday, December 20, 2010

Excited about gal!

There are times where I'm not feeling to good about myself and I feel like throwing fashion out the window (particulary gal fashion) but then I get inspired. I love the feeling of it. I'll see some coord's that are just bad ass and then I feel like being the fashionista of my dreams! And tonight I just got that feeling all over again! It feels like re-creating yourself in a positive way. I'm literally jumping inside my skin! And what made you feel this way you ask! Weeellll....I happened to be looking up some Mode gyaru pics on tumblr (for those who don't know I'm obsessed and in love w/ that style) and I fell in love! I'm so excited! I'm going to post some pics that got me all shakey inside for gal fashion!

Emoda shop staff in Osaka. They are perfection in my eyes!! *0*

I love all black or mostly black coord's <3

I love her red lip color and her jacket! *0*

Ena Matsumoto. GORGEOUS!

Detsu Korohi (in the middle)

Detsu (on the left) love her make! *0*

Yes I am a Detsu fan! *0*

Momoko Ogihara! So fucking fabulous! ^0^

These vids also made really excited!!! >w< go go Ena!!

MTV INSIDE 松本恵奈 supported by EMODA PART`1

MTV INSIDE 松本恵奈 supported by EMODA PART2

And of course it's not just Mode gal styles that get me excited like this. If I see a hot tutHA coord...I FLIP SHIT!!! >8D lol


  1. Oh the outfits you picked are all very lovely, and they would look great on you! I'm getting into wearing black alot again, but I'm more known for bright colors. Black just seems the best for winter I guess haha.

    I'm glad you are a tutuHA lover too!! We need to have a club XD

    i call it gal depression.
    there are times i just wanna give gal style the finger and do my own style

    but i see pics of bgals and i get all excited (lol remember my bgal spam on my blogger?)

    yup......idk i always think about graduating from gal but i end up not graduating. ><''

  3. @Sara: Aaaww thank you! I've always been a black lover b/c if I didn't get into gal I'd totally be gothic right now XD lol So black has always been my go to color. But I do love colors as well. If there was a tutuHA group I'd be in it so fast! lol

    @Tomo: I remember you telling me that. I kinda get like that but I don't think about leaving it, I just get bored sometimes but then I see something I love and then I get all hyped agaiin >w<. But I'm glad you are choosing to stay in it now. YOU BETTER STAY FOO!!! >8D