Sunday, December 5, 2010

International Manba Day!...finally!!

I had meant to post this here a week ago but I posted about it all over my facebook and tumblr so I knida forgot about posting it here. I had gotten dressed up w/ my imouto chan's Yuka and Julie. Julie is a newbie gal but I think she wore it well. ^.^ On our outing we encountered interesting people. But that always happens when me and my friends aren't dressed "normal" lol But over all we had gewd time. Although now that I look back at my looks somewhat banba-ish but whateva! lol

Here are teh piccies...for those who haven't seen them already. fyi PICTURE HEAVY!

                                            ^I've never been to that store before. It's called Love Culture <3

                                                      I took this pic by the wall of that store! So pretty!
                                            It says "culture" in the mirror <3


  1. These pictures are TOO great!
    You all look fantastic :D

  2. Love your guy's wigs! All so cute and those store wall pictures look so creative lol~
    you guys should go out manba more if you don't already <3

  3. Woah, HOT!!! *__* ♥ I absolutely love your hair and make-up!

  4. Aaaw thanks guys! ^0^ If I did manba often my face would be full of acne XD lol but none the less it's really fun.