Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays! (a day late XD lol)

I couldn't get on my comp to post yesterday b/c I was with my family the whole day! Every time I get together with my family I always realize why I love and hate them lol. But anyways my Christmas was ok...most of the presents I got I already knew about them b/c I went shopping with my mom when she bought them hehe. So the element of surprise wasn't there on Christmas day but I'm happy either way.
I'm going to post some pics of the things I received ^.^

new underwear! ^0^ 

this stuff smells so good! ^.^

My new fur leopard coat! 

new pink headphones! they came w/ speakers too! i can't to deco it.

my new booties! 
I got the wallet from my friend Jo and the HK planner came from Yuka 

love thiiisss 

my first Stitch plushie! I  him!

my (second) gaga poster came from my friend Mimi. I got another one form my roomate Tomo  
my good friend Anne made this (she drew it and colored it)


new tights 

pink, black, and white headband

black sweater dress (very form fitting...i need to loose some weight XD)

cute vest

two new tops. to be honest i dunno what im gonna do w/ the moon one...i guess i can make it gal some how lol looks too hipster for me XD

I had gotten many other gifts from friends that I didn't get a chance to take a pic of so I don't want them to feel I left them out in this post. I will cherish all my gifts ^.^ 
OH SHIT!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!!.....My BF got me a Lady Gaga documentary dvd and a really cute headband! I can't post them b/c I left them in my dorm room v.v 


  1. Wow, so many nice gifts! :3 I really love your leopard coat. ♥

  2. great items !!! thank you for add my blog